Escape Plan Takes 4th On US PSN Chart

Yesterday’s episode of Pulse shed light on the top 10 best-selling PSN games of February with quirky Vita puzzler, Escape Plan, making a surprising debut in fourth place.

Exclusive to the latest Sony handheld, Escape Plan ranked higher than both Shank 2 and NFL Blitz; impressive considering how late in the month both the Vita launched.


Here’s the rest of the US top ten.

  1. The Simpsons Arcade Game (PS3)
  2. Gotham City Imposters (PS3)
  3. The House of the Dead 3 (PS3)
  4. Escape Plan (Vita)
  5. Shank 2 (PS3)
  6. NFL Blitz (PS3)
  7. Super Stardust Delta (Vita)
  8. Angry Birds (PS3/PSP)
  9. Super Stardust Delta: Interstellar Bundle (Vita)
  10. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (PS3)

Source:  Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Good to see escape plan there, I have it but hardly play it due to Unit 13 & Now I have Motorstorm RC & I think its overrated, the game is awful

    • I wouldn’t say awful, but it’s not as spectacular as some people make it out to be.

      A decent puzzler that’s always nice to come back to in between bouts of MotorStorm, Uncharted etc.

      • Ok maybe awful was harsh but the cars could have looked better at least but apart from that I love the tracks & surrounding layout. The controls am not keen on, I changed them so many times and yet they dont suit me.

        I dont really care for this game but the ghost of Youles keeps popping up so am addicted

      • You killed Youles & now he is haunting you?? :O

      • lol @Forest, he was already dead when I got there, am just chasing his ghost on the track

      • I’m dead? I guess that’s why I’m at work. Always thought I’d go to hell.

      • Looks like you in hell already lol. I spent all nite chasing your ghost car in motostorm, I dont know weather I suck at the game or its just the mini cooper thats slow

      • Lol, or the other possibility is that my time is quick ;P (Although the latter is unlikely)!

        BTW – I’ve setup a Peace Walker Meet for Monday evening if you can make it!

      • yeh sure I can make it. Now when you lot say set up meetings, you mean on the ps3 right? lol. the only thing I know about this site is how to comment on articles.

      • Then allow me…

        This is where you’ll find the Meet section to discuss various game meets:
        More specifically the MGS Peace Walker thread:

        And to sign up to a particular Meet, use the drop down menu at the top of this page labelled “Upcoming TSA Meets”. Since there isn’s a MGS default Meet, it should be one of the “Read Description! meets.

      • Alright nice one, I will do it now

      • Good man! ;)

  2. The £5 off voucher you got with the preorder bundle of the Vita might of helped the sales of Escape Plan, I know that’s what I used my voucher on

    • Likewise. Great little game but it only took a week or so to complete 100%, so I would have been a bit annoyed had I spent £10 on it.

      • Was tempted to buy but is it too easy? I hate when puzzlers are far too easy. Cut The Rope, I’m looking at you.

      • Eldave0 – how did you find the <20 deaths playthrough. Any tips for me? :(

        I thought some of the levels were quite hard to 3-Star, but nothing too taxing

      • Providing you aren’t aiming for a 3star rating (i.e. going for a perfect run), EP isn’t a doddle but isn’t too difficult either :)

        @Youles – <20 deaths was nice and straight forward as retrys don't actually count as a death. Providing you pause and hit retry quick enough you can essentially fail as many times as you like. Its a pretty sneaky approach but I finished the game with just 3 deaths using that method ;)
        That said, once you aren't worrying about taking the most efficient route through a level, you aren't likely to die too often (I think I hit retry just over 10 times).

      • That’s good to hear, thanks. Perhaps its just because I died many times doing the 3-Star run, that I think I’ll struggle. A couple of levels such as when you have to time the retractable platforms perfectly, and avoid the craws whilst in the bubble might be annoying.

      • *claws not craws

      • No problem. You would be surprised how short the game is once you know roughly what you are doing and aren’t chasing 3 star ratings. I think it took me around 1-2hours (if that). Also, the game remembers what stage you have gotten to so you don’t need to play through the whole thing in one hit should you wish (something I found out AFTER I had 100%d it lol).

      • Oh dear, but at least you got it out the way in 1 sitting!
        I’m hoping that is the case – the game seemed to drag when I was chasing 3-Star rating.
        I’m actually quite enjoyed the dying on every level trophy, but almost feel they missed a trick by not making this harder or more puzzling – its quite a good idea and a different take on completing a puzzle!

  3. I guess Super Stardust Delta would’ve been the best selling Vita title if it weren’t split into the normal game and the bundle with DLC. Amazing that Angry Birds is always in the top 10.

  4. Finished Escape Plan last night – good little game but frustrating at times, but glad its getting some attention as its a bit different. Getting through the game only dying 20 times is going to be hard.

  5. Cool, i reckon it’ll be my next Vita game purchase.

  6. Super Stardust Delta bundle? Good thing I bought the game and DLC separately… -_-

  7. Escape Plan is great fun, great to see it in the No4 spot. I look forward to more Vita games like this.

  8. What did Motorstorm RC have to do to get onto this chart? They even lobbed in the PS3 game for free!

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