Kid Icarus: Uprising Gets a Famitsu Perfect Score

The weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is out, and with it they have published their review on Kid Icarus: Uprising, released 23rd March. With a perfect score of 40/40 the reviewers are clearly very impressed.

In case you weren’t sure on their system, Famitsu ask for four individual people to review a game out of ten and then they add up the results.


Kid Icarus is only the 19th game to ever receive a perfect score and joins the ranks with MGS4, Monster Hunter Tri and rather strangely, Nintendogs. It is also the first “perfect score” on the 3DS.

Will you be buying it?

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  1. I wasn’t going to but might have to now!

  2. I dig Famitsu’s reviewing system, but that doesn’t always prevent them from over-exaggerating the quality of certain titles. Will have my eyes peeled for this game however.

    • What are you saying. Nitendogs was AWESOME. No exaggeration there whatsoever.

  3. They gave FF 13-2 a 40/40 so I don’t really trust them.

  4. Surprised, but pleasantly so.

  5. Cool :) Was worried what reviewers would make of the controls but this sounds promising.

  6. Japanese media gives a Japanese game a big score. Why am I surprised.

  7. ” … and then they add up (and average) the results.”

    Eh, nope. They just add up the results.

    9,10,8,7 means the game gets a score of 34/10. If they averaged it (like you said), the game would have gotten an 8.5.


    • 34/40 … obviously.

    • That was my fault, sorry, post edited.

  8. Playing it right this second. Very nice looking game, but the ground combat controls take a lot of getting used to.

  9. It was a game I’ve had my eye on for a while and if/when I get a 3DS, I’ll definitely get it.

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