Listen To Journey’s Soundtrack Here

Journey’s an amazing game, with beautiful visuals throughout, but rising even above the graphics and perfectly paced gameplay is Austin Wintory’s sublime soundtrack.

If you’ve finished the game, have a listen here to some snippets the man has generously put on SoundCloud, so have a listen.


Here are two:

JOURNEY: Apotheosis (5.59)

JOURNEY: I was Born For This (End Titles) (4.31)

Guaranteed to put a lump in your throat big enough to choke on, these orchestral tracks are simply masterful, complementing the game perfectly.

The full OST is due soon.



  1. Absolutely stunning pieces of music, cant wait for my freebies from Austin

  2. “this is the last time you’ll have to endure my endless gushing about the game.” – Nofi, 1.28pm this afternoon :)

    • this is about the music. mostly.

      • I finished my 1st (of hopefully many) playthroughs of this yesterday afternoon. After all the hype and constant “gushing” I was expecting to be underwhelmed.

        I was wrong, so so wrong.
        Said gushing was well and truly justified imo.
        Thatgamecompany took my senses, wined and dined them all the way to eye/eargasm.

        Can’t wait to get the music on my phone :)
        Is there a forum thread for Journey discussion?
        Oh and nofi – Gush on!!

  3. Having grabbed a £15 PSN voucher with my remaining GAME credit (did I jump ship too soon?), I’ve just started downloading Journey. However it’s at the bottom of a list of some pretty decent free PS+ content that’s also being donwloaded.

    Looking forward to it. Love orchestral music too, so this is exciting :)

  4. Cheers for pointing this out Alex.

    The soundtrack is utterly stunning, favourite two tracks are from the very last area and the credits track. Simply gorgeous.

    Congratulated Austin for such a wonderful job on Twitter and he was amazingly humble. Top guy. It’s an absolutely perfect soundtrack.

  5. Loving that music – strings are my favourite. I only hope that they release it on physical media or at a decent download price.
    I still haven’t bought HFB PixelJunk Shooter music because I refuse to pay CD prices for a download only albumn.

  6. Speaking of music… any FF/Distant World fans, tickets go on sale for Royal Albert Hall performance on Thursday 15th March (for Nov 2nd 2012).

  7. Exquisite, i don’t buy many game soundtracks but i’ll be tempted to get this.

  8. Played through the game last night and loved it. The sweeping visuals, haunting audio and mysterious strangers made for one impressive experience. Journey had a much deeper and touching story then I thought it would. This is one soundtrack I really want to buy.

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