Report: 20-30 Jobs Axed At Obsidian Entertainment

Reports are pouring in that RPG specialists Obsidian Entertainment have been forced to make yet more job cuts.

The redundancies have reportedly put an end to a next-gen title the company was working on and also culled the existing South Park team.


A whistleblower, speaking to Joystiq, said:

“Another project canceled, this time for a future next-gen project and the layoffs impacted that team, plus the existing South Park team.

“Approximately 20-30 people from all disciplines, including one person who started yesterday, as well as one who started last week.”

Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart wasn’t prepared to comment on the reports and said: “It is our policy to not comment on stories regarding our staff”.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Loathe anything that is spat out from South Park but its a shame that jobs have been lost.

    Wonder what the next gen stuff is.. PC or Wii U? doubt they’d be planning PS4 or Terry?

  2. Please say that wasn’t another Fallout project.

    • I guess it would just get passed back to Bethesda if it was though.

  3. I think it was a major Xbox Next project. Pretty shitty if so.

  4. I think they need to work on their internal communication. Why would they hire two people so close to canning a project? Surely the project must have been on the cuttung table before they completely trew it out of the window?
    Also, is this the team behind the recently announced South Park RPG? If so then that would be an even bigger shame.

  5. Imagine getting hired one day, and getting laid off the day after. Such a shame!

  6. You have to be really unlucky to get laid off the next day. I think Obsidian may have tried to take on too many projects at once without a major publisher backing them as i don’t think they can afford to self publish at the moment.

    I hope this won’t be the begining of the end of Obsidian. :S

  7. Quite liked Alpha Protocol despite the game being plagued by flaws but still good fun…shame to see people go.

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