ThatGameCompany’s Journey Now Available For PS3

I’m happy to admit that I’ve been joyfully bleating about Journey for – well – over a year now, but many readers have said that they didn’t want to read too much about the game before getting their hands on it first – which is probably for the best, and hugely admirable.


But in case you feel like dipping back into TSA once you have the game, here’s some of our coverage to digest at your leisure:

It all started in London when I got to see the game running for the first time, and as you’ll no doubt be aware, I’ve been all over this game ever since. From my first preview back last January I already knew that the game was going to be magical.  I like to think I was right.

And then, in the Summer at E3, I played the game for the first time, followed by extended time with the beta a month later, something which many of our readers also got to experience.

Every time I’ve spoken with the studio I’ve been in awe of their dedication to creating something as perfect as possible, and although a ’10’ on TheSixthAxis isn’t a perfect, our review shows that it’s as close as it possibly can be.

So, please don’t be worried about the length – it’s fine – and relax knowing that this is probably the single best game the PlayStation 3 has seen, or will see.

Hyperbole? Sure, but there’s little else to say.

The game is now out in the States (or it will be in a matter of hours) and it’ll appear for non-PlayStation Plus subscribers in the UK later today, via the PlayStation Network.

I really, really want to know what you think of the game.



  1. That music is my alarm. Lovely to wake up to :)
    Also, loved the game, not so much the price. But it is the most beautiful thing that ever ran on my ps3.

  2. I love it! Just played through for my fifth time and still can’t get enough.

  3. Looking forward to it, schedule cleared for Thursday night.

  4. An amazing adventure of a game. Love it.

  5. Had a quick go the other night.
    It looks and sounds stunning…beautiful even…

    Stopped as I only had 20 mins or so to spare. Gonna get back to it when I can sit and explore thoroughly in one sitting :)

  6. I can’t wait to get this downloaded. Thanks for the article with all the links, I was hoping you’d do this! I remain blissfully ignorant of what pleasures Journey contains.

  7. I was sceptical, usually hate buying short games at full price and didn’t enjoy Flower that much, so I’m not sure why I bought Journey last week. I’m glad I did though, it is as wonderful as everyone says. If you have the money to spare, I can’t recommend it enough. Even if you are a tight fisted old Scrouge like me.

    • I’m a tight fisted scrooge like you! In fact, i think i might even be scroogier! :)

    • Ah, Nate, that’s awesome news especially as you were understandably cynical.

      Hannypoppie and I played it the night before last and it was outstanding. The beauty of the game is second-to-none. Utterly incomparable and also very different to Flower with emotions evoked. The second play-through is yielding different feelings as the plot is now known.

      It’s quite incredible to think what thatgamecompany has done but I can still see why it’s not for some people.

  8. Amazing game.. finding a co op partner along the way makes the journey even better!

  9. I’m not going to buy this…

    …again, because I did last week

    One of the most beautiful games I have played in a long time. Highly recommended!

  10. Will definitely be getting this but not anytime soon.
    I still have Amalur to finish and haven’t even touched Stranger’s Wrath HD yet. The fact that my Vita is ready for pick up with two games plus three PSN downloads doesn’t help either…

    • This should take precidence tbh; it’s the best 2-3 hours you’ll ever spend on interactive entertainment.

      • I can’t just put a game away when I’m right in the middle of it just to start something new. I always finish a game before I move on. Journey isn’t going anywhere. After all the waiting I don’t mind waiting another month or two.
        I don’t know about you but I sure as hell can’t focus on a game when I have a brand new console waiting for me to play with it.

      • Before you start wondering why I say I finish a game before I move on and then say I want to play with the Vita first:
        I’ll play Amalur when the missus is not occupying the TV and then switch over to the Vita. ;)

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