Xbox Version Of iPlayer Will Be Free For All

The Xbox 360 version of the BBC iPlayer will launch next week, as reported by several outlets this morning.  Crucially though, it’ll be available free for all – including Xbox Live Silver members.

This flies in the face of earlier speculation that Microsoft were trying to put the free service behind a pay wall, even if it’s one that already exists in the form of Xbox Live Gold.


This, clearly, hasn’t happened.  In fact, doing so was – we understand – against the law because the BBC is a publicly funded organisation and thus its content has to be available for free.  Well, apart from the TV license, of course.

iPlayer will join similar services on the platform for Channel 4 and Five, with iTV to follow.



  1. Greedy Microsoft, glad they’ve backed down so everyone can enjoy it.

  2. I should bloody think so too. Still think it’s disgusting that they’ve put other free services like Twitter and Facebook behind the Live paywall.

    • If I didn’t play online multiplayer games I’d agree completely. But as I do, I have to pay for the gold subscription anyway.

  3. I want the Channel 5 player on PS3 so I can shove the new series of Thomas the Tank Engine on when my son comes and wakes me up in the morning. So I can go back to sleep!

    • That is literally all it would be good for though.

  4. Well, it was either free for everyone or no iPlayer at all.

    • Yarp. MS took their time to finally understand it though. No doubt trying to find a loophole to make it Gold only.

  5. This will make the mrs happy as she can now watch her soaps on her xbox.

  6. This is good news for Xbox owners. But bad news as well if they have a wife and said wife want to watch Eastenders. I predict many a gamer will be fighting for control of the console.

    I wonder if ITV will be free or if it will be a paid service?

    • Gamers tend to be relatively clever people. Therefore there should be no need to watch the mind-numbing bilge that channel spews out every day.

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