Capcom’s Crazy Steel Battalion Collector’s Edition

You know when you’re a fan of a series or think you’ll really like a new game, you look out for a limited edition or a collector’s edition bundle, right? There’s usually a couple of bits of DLC, perhaps a soundtrack and sometimes a little figure. Not so for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, at least not from the Japanese e-Capcom store.

Capcom seems to have doubled down on the crazy for this one, this collector’s edition for the Kinect mech game let’s you dress up to shout at your console.


Included in the bundle is the game, soundtrack, art book, jacket in selectable sizes and helmet-looking cap thing. Oh, and a leg bag. A leg bag. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. The bundle is listed at ¥35000, which is currently worth about £265.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Leg bags so en vogue.

  2. Now thats a man-purse, and I’m confident it can only improve ones kinectability.

  3. i dunno, it compares well with the original game.

    • The irony of this series going from a 40 buttons, two sticks and a throttle to zero buttons, no sticks and some flapping is not lost on me.

      There must be a joke here…. I’m sure I had something for this…

      Verticle Tank Ride?
      Steel Adventures?

  4. Game I know nothing about + best unnecessary gaming tat ever = want. Oh dear.

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