Diablo III Release Date – May 15th

Activision have announced that Diablo III will be available on May 15th. The game will be sold across most of the world for PC and Mac on that date, with other areas following a few weeks later.

“After many years of hard work by our development team and months of beta testing by hundreds of thousands of dedicated players around the world, we’re now in the homestretch,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment.


“We look forward to putting the final polish on Diablo III over the next two months and delivering the ultimate action-RPG experience to gamers worldwide starting on May 15.”

The price (we only have US details just now) will be $59.99, with a collector’s edition running at $99.99, which will include the game, a behind the scenes Blu-ray, a soundtrack CD, a book and a 4GB USB soulstone and base.



  1. \o/ I’m dancing with no pants on! Whoo hoo

    • \o/ dancing with your pants on!

      i just got into the beta myself i think ill remove it now so i dont ruin anything when i get the full game.

      im picking up the collectors edition.. very excited!

        I’m still not in the beta!
        Don’t delete it, cherish the privilege :(

      • I’m working on beta codes, it sounds hopefull :).

      • *faints*

  2. “Diablo III will be available on May 15th. The game will be sold across most of the world for PC and Mac on that date” … But not by Game. XD

    • Game in Australia seems to be doing fine.. they just announced a few more collectors edition for sale.

      also Game probably sold most vitas compared to other stores like ebgames here in aus since their bundle looked to be best value.

      • I think whether they are doing fine in one region/country is a little trivial at this stage – It is unfortunately the group that is in financial difficulty & as far as i am aware, that includes the aus business.

        Them announcing collectors editions is a bit strange though & all i can think of is that its either them being very naive, or as is the case with the stores in the UK, the people on the ground aren’t being told anything. I am still being e-mailed about pre-orders that i know they definitely won’t be able to fulfil, so i wonder how much of it is them trying to put on a brave face.

        I could of course be wrong & the aus stores aren’t classed as part of the wider group for some reason, but i don’t think that’s the case to be honest.

      • well you know how long everything to do with gaming takes to reach australia, they’ll be having their firesales in a few months.

  3. I have had this on pre order for about 3 years now so looking forward to getting it, have been replaying Diablo 2 to get me going.

  4. yay, cant wait for this

  5. Finally!!!!

  6. Hmmm … I wonder if this will run on my MacBook Pro? I really hope so!

    • depends on how old your machine is and what kind of graphics youve got on your machine, id be surprised if you could touch High settings though, macbooks arent exactly alienwares (personal bias there :P )

  7. i`ll admit it, im worried. They`ve been changing an awful lot of stuff in the Beta and from the participants reaction almost none of them were requested by the players.
    This indicates a father knows best attitude here that could seriously affect the game, lets remember that the original designers of Diablo and Diablo 2 are no longer on board so its no guaranteed to be anywhere near the first game let alone the mighty D2

    • As far as I know most of the UI changes were made to make the transition for a console version easier.

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