New PS Vita Firmware In April?

Looks like there’ll be another firmware update for the PS Vita sometime in April, if a brief Twitter conversation comes to fruition.

When one Twitter user mentioned that Pixeljunk Monsters wasn’t compatible with the new Sony handheld, developer Dylan Cuthbert replied with some encouraging news.


“They are ‘enabling’ it with a firmware update in April,” he said. “Stay tuned.”

Dylan is the founder of Q-Games, and the man responsible for the fantastic Pixeljunk series – the latest of which, 4am, is due out soon ish.

What else this update will cover is anyone’s guess just now, but hopefully a few more PSP titles will make the cut.  Let’s hope this comes true, Monsters on the Vita would be wonderful.



  1. I know it’s way too early, but I’m hoping for PS1 support. I’m dying to play FF 7/8/9 on the Vita.


    • Bought FF7+FF9 deliberately for the Vita… :'(

    • You can use remote play to play FF7, that’s what I do :-)

    • I’m still wondering why it doesn’t support the Playstation from day one its ridiculous.

      • Simple, They`re worried about it. At the moment the hacking scene is giving it a “Meh” lukewarm reaction at the moment, exploits have been found and ports of the HBL are underway but i think Sony believe that adding support for the PS1 will entice further efforts to assault the console.
        Also dont forget the ESRB, im fairly sure that all games need reclassification for a new console.

  2. Without Remote Play…

  3. Maybe an update which makes Near understandable…

    • Yes please!! ;)

    • Or work. Had my Vita over a week and load it everyday. Still hasn’t found my destination.

      • Could that be a hardware problem? Have you tried it in different locations?

      • Its more for 3G isn’t it? Wi-fi here in public spaces tend to be locked or forced to pay an extreme waste of money.

      • Mine didn’t work until I registered my wireless router’s MAC with Skyhook. After that, no problems at my flat or at my parents’ (when I had also registered their MAC).
        And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have 3G, as Near picks up information when you are out and about and only needs a connection to sync it all.

  4. maybe an update to make ps plus mini’s work on the vita cause I want play the impossible game

    • me to, i need my fieldrunners fix.

    • I don’t understand this problem? I can play all my minis from Plus, downloaded via PS3 and transferred to my Vita with the Content Manager.

      • wait so if I download them from ps3 & transfer them through content management, the mini will work on the vita? You 100 on this

      • They work for me, yes. The Impossible Game is one of the minis from Plus I’ve tried :)

      • na just tried that, don’t work keep getting error C1-2858-3

      • That’s strange. Just went and downloaded 9 minis this way and they all work. And I’ve never bought any minis, all received free through Plus.

      • Try downloading it again…. then connect the PSV to the PS3 and copy?

        Guess you tried but just trying.

      • *trying to help somehow

        oops incomplete, heh…

      • The only minis that I actually got playing were the ones I bought. I got a few PS+ downloaded, but got an error message when I tried playing them.

  5. Would be awesome if every future ps3 game would be compatable with remote play. Hopefully it will also bring more psp games that work on psvita and ps1 support.

  6. Niiice….

  7. I hope they allow the browser to be opened mid-game. It’s not a memory thing, as I can already open the browser while playing the likes of Uncharted- open the twitter app, and select a link, and it’ll open the link without quitting the game.
    So I don’t understand why it’s blocked.
    And PS1 games please, that’s a bigger feature than Remote Play for somebody with a bunch of Final Fantasies, Metal Gear Solid, Resi 1-3, Crash,etc.

  8. – Skype
    – HTML5 browser with video support
    – PS1 games support
    …and we have the best portable console ever ^^

    • This, and smarter download limits. (Let me set my own max 3g download size, and a monthly amount)

    • Yes, flash or HTML5 video support is a must. The web feels dead without video.

      Eliminate the grey chequered page tiling in web browser when scrolling.

      iPlayer app.

  9. Cross game chat!

    er … wait a minute.

  10. That game looks amazing!

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