Ratchet And Clank HD Trilogy Confirmed

[drop2]Ratchet and Clank fans will be able to grab the HD Collection on May 16th, as the trilogy pack is confirmed.

The HD Collection will include the first three games, each running at 60fps and in 3D.

Trophies will obviously factor, as will multiplayer – the third game will support up to eight players.

The Developer is currently still unknown – we’ll update as and when new information rolls in.


  1. I’m happy with my Jak and Daxter Trilogy :P For some reason I never got into R&C…

  2. The only ones I’ve played were the PS3 ones and they were fairly enjoyable. Are the original ones better or worse?

    • They are very similar; if you liked the PS3 ones, chances are you’ll like these ones. Even the first one holds up to this day, IMO.

      • Thanks I’ll have to give them a look so. The HD Collections are usually cheaper than new games too. If that’s the case with this I’ll be set for Summer!

  3. Doesn’t a HD collection almost certiainly confirm a new game in the series is coming out? E3 is just around the corner and for Sony to announce a new R&C and J&D would be crazy. Can’t think of one collection that isn’t getting a sequel, well there is Ico/Sotc but The Last Guardian is kind of tied in with that in a sense.

    • What an idiot to mention J&D then go on to say I can’t think of a collection that hasn’t got another addition on its way

  4. Great games, I’ll definitely pick them up at some stage.

  5. F-IN BRILLIANT GAMES ON THE PS3 these 3 R&C games :P I don’t normally buy HD updates of games i have already played to death on the PS2 but these 3 games are really worth another go;)

    • I meant – “F-IN BRILLIANT GAMES ON THE ‘PS2’ these 3 R&C games” LoL:D

  6. can’t wait to play these as i never did first time round :)

  7. Yes yes yes yes yes! I cannot wait to get this! The future ratchet and clank is great but the old is legendary in my eyes XD shame about the release date though. I hate May releases cus they are in the middle of my exams.

    • I won’t steal the fastest Platinum this time mate!

  8. No Ratchet: Gladiator? That’s a shame, because it was one of my favourites.

  9. great news love HD collections.

    • Agreed. They are properly awesome.

  10. yeeeeeeeeehoooooooooooo! this is my childhood summed up in 2 of these games (1 and 3) never knew why i didn’t play the 2nd game but now i can finally do it and get some trophies on the way =D

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