Community Round-Up: 17/03/12

Oh, hi there. It’s me, teflon, writing this since Gazza is busy with something or other. I wasn’t really paying attention to what he said, so maybe Steven’s got loose again? Anyway, time for me to totally phone in this Community Round-Up!

Just one competition for you all this week, but it’s a rather cool one. To celebrate the release of the Fallour: New Vegas Ultimate Edition last month, we’re giving away a pretty rare Fallout: New Vegas Collectors Edition that’s been kept locked away in a nuke-proof vault since the game’s original release.

There’s a whole host of cool gubbins included, and all you have to do to win it is comment on the competition post, saying the one place you’d go to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and which single person you’d take along with you. There’s still a little while to enter before the closing time of 6PM GMT on Monday.

Tonight, you’ve  the regular Uncharted 3 meet, and I hope to see some people join myself Bodachi and Topgearsam at 7PM. Following that, it’s time to take Earth back (since it wasn’t returned to us after the loan period) in the Mass Effect 3 meet at 8PM.

Sunday then has a double driving delight in the form of Dirt 3’s regular 6PM meet and Gran Turismo 5 at 8PM to say good riddance to Top Gear for this year. Strangely, the GT5 meet is completely empty right now…

Monday is jam packed with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, another Gran Tursimo 5 meet and an SSX meet at 7PM, 7PM and 8PM respectively, whilst Tuesday has us taking back Earth another time in Mass Effect 3, and Wednesday hosts the weekly F1 2011 meet.

There’s pretty likely to be a Medal of Honor meet on Thursday again, and Battlefield 3 is usually there on a Friday night, so keep an eye out for those meets as the pop up.

It’s been another busy week in the land of TSA’s reviews and pre-reviews. Blair blitzed Mass Effect 3 this week to give you a review of one of the year’s biggest titles, before handing over to Jim to review the controversial DLC, “From Ashes”. Peter made a glorious return with a review of FIFA Street, and Dan Lee took a look at BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extended for PS Vita (BBCSE to its friends).

Two digital-only titles got reviews too, with the XBLA exclusive Defenders of Ardania also getting Peter’s review treatment, whilst Kris reviewed Shoot Many Robots which is on both XBLA and PSN.

Stuck in a kind of limbo between previews and reviews were Alex’s strongly worded opinions on Twisted Metal and Jim’s opinion on the Uncharted: Golden Abyss Treasure Map. Having used up his quota of naughty words for the year week, Al also posted his impressions on the MotorStorm: RC Pro-Am DLC, before Tuffcub came along last night with his preview of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. He called dibs on this one months ago.

Following on from last week’s review of Journey, Al interviewed the composer behind the music for Journey, Austin Wintory. Al also took a look at the development of the game, with extracts from interviews with the developers and Al’s own play experiences thrown into the mix with Journey – A Travellers Tale. A labour of love, if ever there was one, and well worth a read.

Finally, some of the regular articles: Youles was in the hot seat for Meet the Reader, Kris thought about things that made him cry for last Sunday’s Thoughts, the WeView Verdict for Saints Row: The Third came in, the new game for you to review in the form of Uncharted 3, and you can discover what the staff played this week in What We Played. To close this section out, we have Death_in_Flamez, who wrote a guest article on Common Courtesy in the world of gaming.

The TSA Forums. A hub for nonsensical discussion of all things. Occasionally you get some decent advice, but usually it’s just gibbering lunatics running around.

As always, I’ve only taken a small sample of what’s gone on in there this week. General Chat is locked away behind closed doors for signed in members only.

In last week’s showdown, Optimus Prime came back from an early 6-4 deficit to register a 9-6 victory over Commander Shepard! Quite the come back, so I guess Shepard can’t take back Earth now…

So, who to go up against Optimus for his third week? Well, I briefly considered you, the robed figure from Journey, but after seeing Al’s strongly worded impressions, I figured that Needles Kane and his vehicle Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal might have a better chance against Prime.

There may be slight spoilers here.

Needles Kane


  • Needles’ head is on fire, and he’s damned happy about it, it seems!
  • Insane serial killer clown who drives around in a heavily armed and armoured ice cream truck to lure in victims. This seems to work quite well for him.
  • Searching for his not-yet-dead daughter in the most recent game. Nothing’s going to stay in his way for long.


  • Gets his wish from Calypso, but probably didn’t unfold how he expected it to…
  • Took to the golf course in the US version of Everybody’s Golf 2. I don’t think that’s how he’d relieve stress.
  • I’m sure his family was lovely until he murdered them. Not cool.

Optimus Prime


  • Leader of the Autobots, the most badass assembly of robots ever known.
  • Drives round with an armoured weapons platform, just in case something goes down.
  • Will never surrender to the Decepticons.


  • Attempts to surreptitiously conceal himself as a massive red and blue truck, because you see loads of those everyday, right?
  • Often trusts those he should not, ‘seeing the good in everyone’.
  • Goes through loads of WD-40.

Will Prime hold onto the title for the 3rd week, and be the first into the Hall of Fame? See you next week to find out.



  1. Sorry to pester but I’ve not yet received my F1 game from the previous comp on the 5th, just wanted to check it hasn’t gotten lost along the way?

    My vote goes for Needles. His truck is a transformer anyway, piloted by a murderous lunatic who spends his days locked in battles to the death. If anyone can take down Prime, it’s him.

  2. it has to be Needles, if the dude can blow the hell out of things like Minion then one big ass walking truck isnt going to present a challenge at all ;)

  3. Nice round up :) The fail cast is quite a failure ironically. Needles to get my vote, he is too crazy.

  4. another good read , prime gets my vote though.

  5. Thanks for the mention :) Prime gets my vote also

  6. i know i posted this last week, but, aw hell, you can never get too much of this clip.


    nuff’ said. ^_^

  7. Deffo Prime

  8. When you said take care of Gazzagb, you did mean “take care” of him. Right Tef? If not then i had better head down to Tuffcub’s cave and take a knife to cur through the chains that i used as tie him up. :p

    I think you may have used the wrong image Tef as that mushroom cloud doesn’t look like a Clown. Prime would win. I think only a JRPG character is capable of killing him. Or exposing him to Twilight. :P

  9. Deffo needles. Prime doesn’t stand a chance!

  10. Well if prime is going all kick ass on humans, I don’t see him being too fussed smushing needles into the ground, after all he is a murderer.

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