Meet the Reader: McProley

Did you see those AR tech demos posted the other day? Those looked very cool and impressive.

Yeah, I liked the look of that dragon shooting one. Maybe the could make a Dead Space: Extraction 2 using similar methods. I’d quite like to see my lady as a Necromorph.

I’m not entirely sure how she’d take that. “Hey babe. Let me make you into this space zombie thing!”

Yeah, best not mention that to her just yet, but she does look like that in the morning sometimes. If she reads this, I will definitely have no testicles. I’ll just have to blame the editing.

Yeah, just say that I jazzed it up to be interesting.

Thanks for taking one for me then in advance. You’ll surely get a beer and cake, and whatever you want. I really need my balls.

Is this on Youles’ planned mega-night out on the town?

Yeah, why not? Although I’d dodge the black Sambuca. Have some “cut your belly from the inside” Goldschlager instead. I once saw Youles do a suicide tequila. I’m sure he’d want to show that off!

I’ll bet he would! Was it Youles that introduced you to TSA?

It certainly was. I tried that Gamespot site first but it was overwhelmed by 13-year-old kids and fanboys. Youles suggested I checked out TSA and I never looked back. I just appreciate the mature conversations, great community and there is always some sort of social gaming event going on.

Well. We’re not always mature! Do you have any particular favourite features on the front page?

I enjoy the WeView features. Sometimes I don’t have a lot to say because I haven’t played the games, it’s always great to hear the community’s opinion. What We Played is good too and obviously Meet the Reader.

I actually really appreciated your article on the 3G Vita, too. It helped me make a decision.

Thanks, and you’re welcome! Which way did you choose, out of interest?

I went for the 3G in the end. Purely because I’d feel like I’d be missing out otherwise regardless of the £60+ price difference. Plus, trophy syncing at work is an absolute must now!

It’s easy to get a bit obsessive over leader boards too…

Most certainly! I’ll have to make sure I take it easy looking at them. I’ll only just waste more of works time trying to climb them.

So, you’ve been about on TSA for a good half year, or so. Have there been any people that you’ve got on with particularly well from meets and the forums?

Youles obviously, as he’s my best mate. Origami Killer seems pretty sound, as do SpikeyMikey23, Rocket_365, Crazy_Del, Death_In_Flamez and Ron_McPhatty too. I’ve not had that much of a chance to talk to everyone that much as I do shift work, but I’m always up for meets when I can.

We’ve got that Medal of Honor meet tomorrow, [Thursday] which will be good as I’ll get to play with some new faces.

Looking forward to MoH, myself. It’s a decent game, on the whole.

Yeah, I really enjoyed the single player, it was a nice change to CoD. I’ve not given the multiplayer that much time, though.

I vaguely remember the beta/demo from around release, and being near the top of the leader boards each round…

That’s pretty cool. Last time I played I was mid-table, but I’m sure to be worse now. I remember getting annoyed without being able to go prone, though.

I don’t get the obsession with prone. It’s often better for gameplay not to have it…

Yeah, I guess. But trying to transition gameplay from CoD I found it a bit awkward.

Speaking of meets, are you gonna get the MGS HD collection for some Peacewalker meets? I remember you being interested.

Not in the immediate future, I don’t think. Too much money gone of late!

Yeah, I know that feeling all too well!

It’s not a nice thing to think about… Speaking of which, when you’re away from gaming and TSA do you have any further hobbies and interests? Perhaps a bit of extreme sports?

I do enjoy a spot of golf. I’m an average player and have now got a bit better so I don’t swear my nuts off when I hit a bad shot and create a scene. Aside from that, I walk my dogs a lot. I’m a bit of a sucker for fresh air these days.

Just open a window!

A window won’t stop the dogs from crapping on the carpet unfortunately.

Oh, and I fancy myself a bit of a chef, and like to show off in the kitchen. My friends don’t appreciate it too much when I cook at their places, though. I have a nasty habit of making a mess and leaving them to clean up.

I despise mess makers! How many dogs do you have?

I have two: one Border Collie cross Pointer called Billy and a Border Collie cross Whippet called Wilf, but I like to call him McLane after Bruce Willis.

Does he have a bit of a Bruce Willis look to him? Or did he foil a heist in a skyscraper one Christmas Eve?

We got him Christmas Eve and he brought me a half dead frog, which really shouldn’t have been alive after all the vigorous shaking, so he died hard. I also have a bit of an unhealthy fascination with Bruce Willis. He’d piss all over Chuck Norris.

Pets are always so pleased with themselves when they can bring you something dead or barely living. So delightful.

Yeah, but it’s usually cats that do that sort of thing. I hope McClane isn’t a closet cat. That won’t stand!

Cats are better. 


Haha! Cats are crap, so there!


Don’t hate the player, hate the cat.

Guns don’t kill people, cat allergies do. No, that’s not right…

Yet another reason to dislike them. Actually, I do quite like them, I just think they are a little bit arrogant, prancing in when they want food then pissing off again.

I saw a cat just sat on a park wall one night just chilling out, with three foxes totally on edge around it. Was funny to see them facing off like that, 3 on 1, and the cat really not seeming to care! Could have easily taken those three foxes.

Bet he was petrified, really. He was probably taught not to show his fear, as hunters like canines can smell it.

Well, anyway, it’s time for that question that so many dread when I ask them. Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother and Shark Attack the four podcast hosts Peter, Lewis, Kev and Kris?

I knew this would come up. I’ve listened to it a few times, and I think I’ve given it an unhealthy amount of thought. Kris and Kev are both fellow Brightoners I think, so in the nature of the city, it’d have to be the kinder two options of the for them. Maybe a snog for Kev for his Drake like appearance, and a Civil Partnership for Kris, as he’s cuddly. The other two are just a toss up. So heads smother Peter, Tails smother Lewis.

*tosses coin*

Shark attack for Peter it is, and a Smothering for Lewis.

Ha! I like to think everyone’s given it far more thought than they really should. Good answer.

Thanks, but sorry to Lewis and Peter.

And with that, we bring the interview to a close. Thanks for taking the time! Do you have any final words for the readers that made it this far?

Thanks for giving me the time.

The only thing I can think of to say is Yippee-Kai-Yay! Oh, and stay off the drugs!

But they’re so moreish!

That’s the problem!

Thanks again to McProley for doing the interview. See you all next week!

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  1. Nawwwww thanks buddy ;D great read :D

    • Cheers mate! and you’re welcome!

  2. Really good read! I love the sound of your dogs :P I too have a border collie, a short haired one, he has lovely blue husky eyes :) I love dogs and hate cats. At this moment I am spurring my dog on to get the next door neighbour’s cat.
    Medal Of Honor was good too, tef and jambo were really good considering it was their first time since the beta.
    Thanks for the mention too.

    • Jambo’s just an objective game fiend, it seems. Me, well, I’m just awesome at everything. :P

      Looking forward to next week’s meet. Might put a little time in beforehand too.

      • Not awesome at trading, where’s my Bounty? :p

      • I’ll probably get some in too as I still need the 2 Hours on a few of the game types. Thanks for “Jazzing” the article up tef, like i said, i really would like to keep my balls!

      • Believe what you want tef :P

      • Youles – Hey! You’re the one that didn’t fully understand the system, I was just abusing it without caring… Zero effort, extra awesome. ;)

        McP – Spelling & Grammar Check came to the rescue this week. :P

        OK – I have a certificate that proves that I’m awesome at everything. Fact.

      • Thats my good old dyslexia kicking in again! :)

    • Ha ha! Yes, we should definately have a Saturday Showdown between cats and dogs! Yeah, they were good, in fact, we all were! Hopefully do it again this week!

      • Horton would kick ass mate, he’s one mean cat.

      • Yeah, he is! but he is still a pansy in the Dogs Vs Cats fight!

      • Im up for next week :) my dog goes by the name of Sky due to his eyes and he is thinks he is a tank.

      • Is it wrong that when my wife is out I try and make the cats fight the dog?

      • Thats not wrong as long as you are taking bets. But, it is a bit unfair, the puppy is only 9 weeks old. However, this will infuse the hatred of cats in it and make her even more meaner!

  3. Awesome read! That 80’s night out was funny! Prole does make a lovely Thai green curry!!
    Ah yes, the tequila suicide. Who would have thought snorting salt would have been so painful?
    And yes they are moreish!
    Are there other TSAers from Brighton?
    Love you man x

    • Love you too Petal ;) We all need to support each other to stay off the drugs! lol!

    • Snorting salt? How did it come to this

      • For tequila suicide you snort the salt, down the tequila, then stick the lemon in your eye. I’m a sucker for a dare!

      • wow I will avoid meeting you lot in life lol lemon in your eye, salt in your nose some crazy combo sounds like a hen do

  4. Nice to meet you ;)


  5. pretty sure I’m gonna have to steal that shark attack thing :P

    Anyways, nice to meet ya Prole!

  6. Great read! It had totally slipped my mind that you do shifts, ive had a week off MGS, time to fix that ;)

    • You got any days free next week for some MGS?

      • Thursday and Friday morning off.

      • Thursday and Friday morning off.

      • Cool, i should be online for thursday morning!

  7. If anyone is interested, check this out for terrible, terrible, horribleness:

  8. Nice meeting ya, see you on the peace walker treaty

    • Thanks, and yeah, looking forward to tomorrow!

  9. Brilliant!

  10. I love this kind of thing! Good to hear about you :)

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