New Sorcery Footage Shows Off, Well, Sorcery

Do you remember when the Move was first gathering steam and Sorcery was something of a poster boy? Before running off and hiding for months that is, of course.

Well, it’s back, and from this latest video it’s not looking too shabby. The Move stuff still feels a little bit forced, but it’s a central device so it’s not going away.


I’ve got a feeling the PR for this will be ramping up soon, so expect much more on Sorcery from Sony. What do you think? Too little, too late for the beleaguered device?

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  1. I think Amalur looked pretty similar, especially to the earlier concepts of this.

    • So I’m not the only one who instantly thought of Amalur, when he looked at this footage! :D
      It looks nice (not groundbreaking) but for me it’s too late. I’m not getting a Move for this anymore. I’d buy the game if it was playable without Move but this will be their best chance to shift a few more devices so it’s probably not going to happen.

  2. It’s looks fun. I’ll keep an eye on this.

  3. I thought that looked quite good actually. With enough variety of spells and puzzles it could be a hit for Move owners. Will wait for some reviews before deciding.

  4. Looks like its got potential, definitely. I think it’ll make or break the move.

    • Won’t make or break it that day has already passed. Move is a massive failure, even if this gets 10/10 across the board it won’t help, but it’ll get 6s and 7s anyway.

      • 10.1 million sold not really a failure.

      • Yeah so what if it had like 10 mil sales, to me its really lacking in games the support just isn’t great. So I guess its a failure?

      • From a sales point of view I suppose it’s been anything but. On the other hand though, do I regret buying one? I’d have to say yes.

      • some like it some might not that is life to say it is a failure is harsh imo. has loads of games that are tailored to motion gaming it is just like a wii remote but more precise.

        I never got it thinking it would be anything different.

      • I love the ‘massive failure’ comments I see around the web – easy to make but not that easy to back up.

        If you think about this pragmatically, Move is just an accessory that in many cases compliments titles that can also use the DS3. Unlike Kinect, it’s not an all or nothing approach to integration. Kinect had to sell on it’s own merits and be accepted as a new platform of sorts because games built for Kinect are by definition not compatible with the Xbox controlelr. Move’s integration is far more subtle and because a lot of Move _compatible_ titles will sell well regardless (due to there not being a _requirement_ to use Move) there is less pressure on Sony to pump out sales of Move to the masses.

        When you think of Move as an accessory (which it is), it’s actually doing rather well. Sure there have been 60+ million PS3s and 60+ million Xboxs sold, but we all know the active user bases is significantly smaller than that. In reality, there are probably only half that number of current owners that would even be in the market for either Move or Kinect. Even if you assume the number of people to have bought into ‘Move’ is ~5 million, that 15% of your active user base in a year. Not too bad. The Move exclusives are light on the ground atm, but it’s not that critical for Move and of course that will improve over time.

        Many people vehemently criticised Sony for not advertising the Move enough, but imho it was absolutely the right choice. Had they gone the MS route and spent $500 million on advertising, hype and dare I say it – lies – I think the discontent would be enormous. It a hard thing to prove but from what I read around on teh interwebz and various game forums it seems a lot of Kinect owners are wondering why they bothered, and many feel MS has over promised and under delivered. I picked mine up second hand for $90, but if it weren’t for the GF wanting dance games it would barely have seen a weeks worth of use.

        You could say the same for Sony, although excepting Sorcery (which is overdue) they have actually delivered a pretty wide range of compatible games from casual kids stuff through to ‘core implementation just as they promised they would. It’s not as in your face as Kinect, but remember – Move is just an accessory.

        Of course there were some people that over committed to Move expecting Sony to suddenly start producing nothing but AAA Move titles and ignore the 90% of users who didn’t have Move. That was never going to happen, and those people are now disappointed because Move support didn’t live up to their unreasonable expectations.

        Did you know that since there are one hundred and fifty two (152) titles either released or announced that support Move? True story…

        Like Vita, Move is good hardware that will continue to sell slowly over time. And titles will continue to trickle out and form a decent library by the end of the PS3’s lifecycle. I certainly hope they stick with Move into the PS4, if they improve the camera it could become even more accurate going forward.

      • You’ve got to compare it with Kinect, that was its main rival, and in the light of Kinect its an absolute failure. Just because it sold a lot doesnt mean it didn’t fail. There is bugger all software support for it. You can count the number of good move games on one hand. It’s a failure to me.

      • Because you qualified your statement with “it’s a failure to me” I can’t disagree. To you it may be a failure, to me it’s far from it.

        What I can disagree with is that “there’s bugger all software support for it” and “You can count the number of good move games on one hand.”.

        If you go through that list of 150 odd games I linked to and tell me you only think 5 of them are any good then I’m afraid we have vastly differing thresholds of enjoyment.

        Of that list I personally own and enjoy: MLB12 The Show, MLB11 The Show, High Velocity Bowling, Planet Minigolf, Child of Eden, Hustle Kings, Little Big Planet 2, Flight Control HD, Ruse, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Socom 4, Resistance 3, MAG, Heavy Rain, Tumble, Echochrome II, Sports Champions, The Fight and Tumble.

        And it’s only been 18 months. :)

      • 10.1m shipped, who knows how many are in transit, warehouses in retail stores shelves all around the world?

        Even if all 10.1m of them are in people’s homes there’s no way of knowing what the install base is because people would have bought 2, 3 or more components.

        By way of comparison Kinect is in 17m+ homes and Microsoft have got their top studios to make games exclusive to the peripheral. Imagine if Naughty Dog, Guerrilla & others had made a Move exclusive game. In addition Microsoft have gained momentum amongst 3rd parties who have bough big franchises (system selling brands) to the system – The only thing Sony have done, is drop the ball and they can’t even be bothered to pick it up.
        Sorcery should have been the starting point… What looks a reasonable experience & should have been there at launch. Too little, too late doesn’t go far enough and the situation won’t change unless Sony get their top studios making games for it, which they aren’t doing or getting 3rd parties to bring their brands to it like Disney, Star Wars, Sesame Street or Pixar.

        sure there’s a small niche bubble on TSA who think Sony have done enough by adding library files to the PS£ dev kits so their studios can spent 15secs implementing it as an alt (and never used) control scheme in a few core titles.

        but thanks to Sony’s lack of backing & their unwillingness to upgrade the camera at launch so better body tracking was possible, it’s a flop regardless of what the ‘bubble of flag wavers’ think

      • 18 Million sold means nothing either if they’re sitting there unused.

        Kinect Sports ~ 4 million (2 million sold in the pre-christmas 2010 hype)
        Kinect Sports: Season Two ~ 1.8 million (1.3 million sold in the pre-christmas 2011 hype)
        Kinectimals ~ 1.2 million
        Dance Central ~ 2.6 million
        Dance Central 2 ~ 1.5 million

        Not exactly stellar numbers for an 18 million user base, and these are the best sellers?

        Kinect had sold 10 million units as of March 2011, yet their best selling and arguably flagship title – Kinect Sports – had only sold 2.5 million as of August 2011.

        People are getting suckered into buying Kinect every day by the thousands, but with the most popular title just touching 4 million the attach rate is pretty shocking imho. Just how big is the _actual_ Kinect user base?

        Now compare that with Move. Sports Champions may not be the perfect metric (given core users may never touch it), but it’s the best one we have. Estimated at roughly ~3 million sold at this point. So if Kinect Sports has sold 4 million, and Sports Champions 3 million it would seem Move has an _active_ user base around 75% that of Kinect’s. Not bad for considering how little Sony have been pimping it. But yes, it must be a complete failure o_O.

        It does seem you’re enamoured by the Kinect lineup cc, and it makes me so sad to see you miss out… so I’ve done some research for you that might help you put your money where your mouth is. You’ve got 4 wands, 2 navs a PS Eye and Sports Champions apparently – which I’ve calculated will get you at least £70.50 ( Assuming you’ve got three or four more games to trade (you won’t need those Move titles any more), that’s close to £100 you can put towards a 4Gb Xbox with Kinect and the awesomeness that is Kinect Adventures (£199.00 –

        Now you can enjoy all the Disney, Star Wars, Seasame Street and Pixar titles you want! You can thank me later ;-)

      • Enjoyed reading your comment Jesse, i would have to agree :-)

  5. this looks beautiful could we have our own ps3 zelda here

    • as a matter of fact, there is a PS3 Zelda. 3D Dot Game Heroes is pretty much a cut/copy/paste version of the Zelda formula.

  6. Awesome cat tail physics.

  7. day one buy for me.

    • Same but way to show off the variety displayed at E3 in the first half. Seemed like a joke to just be spamming attacks like that. Despite it probably looking not great for DS3 games, this looks like it will keep me happy whilst I play it because I enjoy the move games a lot :)

  8. Graphics are PS2tastic!

    • Dude. You haven’t seen No More Heroes.

    • Well, it’s running on UE3 which isn’t to good a friend with the PS3 for some reason. And it’s by some unknown studio, so… I think it holds up fairly nicely. As long as the performance isn’t sluggish and the control-mechanics are good I’m all in.

  9. Graphically a bit shabby but it looks like it could be bags of fun.

    • Yup, this pretty much sums up my thoughts too :)

  10. Move is a failure. PS3 is console for hardcore gamers who don’t want to stand up and wave their arms like a kid.
    Sorcery is going to be a fail. I can see it sales suck. The only game I’d use Move on is COD in a playlist against other Move users.

    • facepalm.

    • I didn’t know 10million sales was consider a failure. :o And stop being a fanboy. I would say the PS3 is for those who like games and want to watch films as well. I would also say the same about the 360. :-)

    • How many moves out of those 10 million are in use though on a regular basis?
      June 2011 was the last time I played a game using Move.

      • That is a valid point, but sales wise, it’s been a success. Which leads to what the heck are Sony playing at? As you don’t abandon your product when it is successful. Plus, i can’t remeber the last time i saw a Move ad.

    • You know, it’s fully possible to play almost all Move-games while sitting. The only games I’ve had to stand up in was Sports Champions and PGA and in those games it feels more natural to be standing… Who says “hardcore” gamers are to be limited to only one type of controller?

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