Claptrap Gets All Gushy For PC

A rather interesting addition has appeared on the Borderlands 2 website. Claptrap, our favourite mission giver, has released some PC info in a very unique style.

A love letter. Bet you didn’t expect that, huh!?


Reading through, you might think it’s a bit needless but hidden in amongst it (and rather helpfully in list form at the end) is some new information for the PC version of Borderlands 2. It’s also mildly amusing but may remind you of how damn annoying Claptrap can actually be.

Personally I’m ridiculously excited about this game, but will be sticking to PS3. My PC can barely cope with Football Manager 2010, what chance does it have with this?

The game is released in September of this year.

Source: Borderlands 2 webpage.



  1. I wonder if 2k will have another hissy fit if Borderlands 2 doesn’t get great reviews? I’m just wondering.

    I’ve not played the first one as tbh, it didn’t interest me at all so i doubt that B2 will interest me. :)

    • Which surprises me a little, as it is a FPS/RPG. Sounds kinda up your street i would have thought?

      • Found it a little boring….might revisit it though…

  2. That is a great list for PC users. Built-in V-Sync option is a very welcome addition. I freaked the first time I booted up BL on my PC because it was very jerky when I looked around and I had to search through .ini files for an hour until I found the config that I had to change to get V-Sync to work…

    I’ll be getting BL2 for the PS3 for the trophies but I’ll probably end up with both version in the end just like I did with BL…
    Also, LAN support? Suhweet!

    • that made me happy too, always nice to have another game at my monthly LAN parties.

  3. Ugh! I want to be excited for this, I really do! But claptrap just makes me want to punch electrical items like hoovers and blenders and other things he resembles!

  4. Hmm, tempted to get this for PC now instead. Some really nice features there that appeal to me. I may have to convince mynameisblair now to get this for the PC so we can coop, instead of the PS3.

  5. menus that can be navigated with a mouse are now a feature? o_O

  6. Shocking conversion from console to PC with the first outing. Hope this does better second time around.

    The menus were an abomination.

  7. DirectX 11 would be amazing! It is 2012 after all xD

  8. The highlight for me are the little sketches of Claptrap :D The shower one made me laugh.

    • I liked the “paint me like one of your french girls” one. :D

  9. Never really understood the love for Borderlands, unless of course your playing with mates. I just found the game way to repetitive.

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