God Of War Series Could Appear On Vita And iOS

IGN is running an interview teaser with a ballsy headline – “God of War Could Come to Vita, iOS” – with the full interview to follow.

“You may yet see God of War on a non-Sony platform at some point,” it says, claiming Sony is “exploring avenues to bring God of War to PlayStation Vita and beyond.”


“I think with the way the industry’s playing that dysfunctional passive aggressive type of mentality, we as a company and we as an industry constantly have to look at all opportunities,” said PSP God of War developers Ready at Dawn.

“It doesn’t mean we’ll go there, but there’s certainly reason to talk about it.”

Nobody’s actually saying the series could end up on iPhones here, just that they’re not ruling it out. What’s entirely more likely is that a Vita version is on the cards.

There was a phone version of God Of War a few years ago.  You can see it above.




  1. Didn’t realise the Java GoW was in 2D.

  2. I’m thinking they might test the waters with Ports of the PSP games on PSSuite. Hopefully this will allow for ‘native res’ downloads on PSVita, as I’m assuming PSSuite games will run natively at Vita’s resolution (well its a dream anyway).

    On another note, does anyone know if PSSuite games will be able to support trophies? I know its indie and all, but iOS has achievements of a sort.

    • On a further note, that video is making want a pseudo-2D action combat-platformer on a mobile device. Thinking now about a Rayman-Originas like 2D game with *very mild spoilers* gameplay like that 2D bit on the final boss in GOW III. */end mild spoilers* That would be amazing, or what if it had a zelda-like overworld with ‘platforming dungeons’ ala Zelda II, but actually good.

      Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here.

  3. Surely PlayStation Suite would be more appropriate than IOS

    • Yeah, you’d think. I think this is just IGN fishing.

      • However, its odd that A Sony Santa Monica Interview is appearing out of the blue now. God of War IV announcement this week.

  4. Vita version yes please! if its anything like the previous two outings on PSP were in for a treat!

  5. Nice music, Joe Satriani I believe :D

  6. I used to have that game! It was very good for a mobile game at the time, now I want to play it again.

  7. Give me God of war vita and am good, I love the series so much I played it traded it in and re bought it back

    • Skipping? So we’ll only see them in 10 years?

      • they skipped this gen so there working on what comes next.

      • That would be ridiculous. How could they survive this whole gen without releasing anything and who would be stupid enough to pump that amount of money into them without getting anything back from it until they release something next gen?

        Ok, I just read the interview and based on this quote…

        “most people ask us that, how do you go from a handheld to a next generation console?”

        …I guess they are waiting for the PS4?

  8. ios doubt that maybe a small game on the playstation suite so a Sony or HTC devise can get it.

  9. God of War on iOS seems pretty unlikely but I’d be surprised if it never surfaced on Vita.

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