MCV: New GAME Plan Spells “The End For Gamestation”

[drop2]MCV’s Ben Parfitt is this evening the target for anger and frustration, as yet another post on the ongoing GAME story has been published, and this one’s a bit of a killer.

Citing sources, the latest report claims that “Gamestation may be sacrificed” as the Game Group decides on the best course of action this week.  The article says that there are four avenues under discussion, and that top level meetings happened today.


The first three options – refinancing, a ‘white knight’ investor and total, complete administration – appear to be playing second fiddle to a fourth option: voluntary administration followed by the setting up of a new company and the closure of lots of stores.

“GAME’s current store portfolio will be reassessed and a store closure programme implemented,” says the report.  “MCV understands that this will likely mean the end for Gamestation, with the exception of a handful of well-performing stores.”

This is expected to happen on Monday.

However, since publishing the report, GAME have stated that such a meeting didn’t happen today, and that the Group “challenges many” of Parfitt’s claims.

Whether or not these latest revelations are the truth, this so-called ‘fourth option’ seems to hinge on both suppliers and creditors, and whilst – apparently – would result in the loss of lots of stores (and thus, jobs) MCV seem confident this will be the way forward.

But plenty of people are visibly upset by the report.  The comments on the article range from acceptance to fury, with some – the most abusive – seemingly being removed by the author, who’s also fielding plenty of questions on Twitter.



  1. I got a letter in the post from GAME last weekend saying my local GAME is closing this coming Saturday and giving me the address of my nearest Gamestation. Glad I spent the £105 on my trade-in card on 3x £35 PSN cards a couple of weeks ago!

    • Wow. £105? The most I ever had was £15, and that got a raised eyebrow from the cashier!

      • Haha I had over £500 at one point when I traded in my 360 with all of my games and peripherals. Recently traded my launch day PSP 1000 and all my games for that because I’m so happy with my Vita – didn’t dare do it when I bought the PSPGo.

  2. I’ve no problem with an author deleting abusive comments (happens here from time to time too) but the article is starting to look like it’s a bit dodgy for once- but as he said himself on Twitter, no journo gets it right all the time, but he wouldn’t intentionally lie.

    I note the article also says that Game UK and Spain would be the ones saved in the 4th option, with other international branches left to fend for themselves.

    Does anybody know if Game Ireland and Game UK are seperate or the same? I know a lot of British companies just extend the business south of the border to save hassle or something, and Game’s ‘Irish’ website is actually a link to , not to mention that I can use my reward card in the UK as well as ROI.

    Anyway, my question is- would this deal cover Ireland too as they seem to be the same (if they are in fact the same)?

    • I went to Game in Mahon Point in Cork yesterday. Not a pretty site. One person working, and it looked like they had pulled all their stock out and there was still empty shelves.
      Also, the lack of games like Mass Effect 3 is very noticeable even though you’d think it’s not a big deal. That store felt very empty. :(

      Not sure how the rest of the stores are doing, Game in Mahon was the only one I’ve been to since they’ve been going downhill.

      • Patrick’s Street doesn’t seem too bad to me- apart from the obvious lack of the newest releases, everything seems normal in there.

        Haven’t been to Mahon in a good while though.

  3. Gamestation are SH*T :-/ Their online shop is total CR*P. I got £5 to spend there before the end of this month & they have total CR*P in stock(or should i say they have hardly any stock anyway) LoL:D Amazon online is the best for games i think;)

    • Stock? Did you miss the last month of news?

    • You could use it for money off a PSN card or some other instant code items.

  4. The whole idea of closing Gamestation is a flawed one. Typically they’re the most profitable stores in the group as they have lower rent than Game (read: crap locations/old run-down stores) and are almost universally considered to be the better of the brands on account of their staff being more approachable. I hope they get sold off separately like when Blockbuster originally sold them to the game group

    • LOL I didnt even see this but that is exact what am saying GAME is not attractive at all, here in birmingham they don’t interact the miserable twats as for Gamestation I made friends in there, I go in there just to converse & gossip and they have attractive chicks in there thats good marketing lol

      • +1 for me. Gamestation is the only ‘real-worldy’ place I purchase games. I feel they deserve my money for the friendliness and excellent customer service.

  5. I rather they close GAME rather than Gamestation to be honest cause it seems as if Gamestation are better than GAME at attracting customers & make Gamestation the parent company

    • See? Taylor Made gets it! :)

  6. There are no Game stores about here really, the nearest one is half an hour in a car. However there are at least 3 gamestations i know within walking distance. this place is going to become a desert for gamestores ( excluding Asda,Tesco etc )

  7. For the love of god, if GAME need to get rid of Gamestation please sell it off. Gamestation could be a great chain by itself again. Although obviously for GAME they’ll be creating competition for themselves but still, they should sell it I’d need be :p

  8. Ehhhh…..what happened to Electronic Boutique!? ;)

  9. Set up a Kickstarter to buy Gamestation :p

  10. “total, complete administration”
    I know the words are out of order but I read this in Wesker’s voice.

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