Hydrophobia Dev Entering Administration

Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital has entered administration, according to reports.

The Manchester-based developer is thought to be closing its doors after poor sales of its flagship title Hydrophobia, which received middling scores from critics. Not even a significantly improved version, Hydrophobia Prophecy, was able to turn the company’s ailing fortunes around.

The game’s much lauded, purpose-built water physics engine is said to be up for grabs in any administration deal, making a purchase an attractive proposition. It has been suggested that the company’s assets could be bundled into a ‘pre-packed’ administration deal, which newly formed Dark Energy Publishing could be set to snap up with the physical assets and IP available at a bargain price.

Dark Energy Publishing, the interested party, was founded in January by Dark Energy Digital owners Pete Jones and Deborah Jones, along with the company’s technical director Gary Leach.

Staff wages are also in lieu according to GamesIndustry and it’s currently unclear what fate the staff will have with the studio entering administration.

Source: GamesIndustry


  1. I actually enjoyed that game shame they closing down

  2. A real shame, tried the game but could get along with it.

  3. Really liked Hydrophobia Prophecy. Bit rough round the edges but I was really glad to pick it up on PS+. Excellent move integration and I also thought the story concept was really good. Shame about the fact the story tailed off and the terrible ending. Definitely a shame about this dev going into administration. At the right price I would have been there for a sequel.

    • Yeah, i got it with Plus too. Good fun but not a particularly great game, i thought. Still, never good to see anyone go into admin

  4. Got fed up with the game after less than an hour. I also thought the water physics were overrated. They didn’t seem as realistic as they wanted us to believe they were. It still sucks that they are going under.

  5. some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet in this industry, all very talented so I’m sure they’ll be okay eventually but it’s a tough time to have to go through.
    They have some amazing tech there too.

  6. that’s a damn shame.

    they didn’t produce the best game in the world, but it was decent enough, and i’ve had fun playing it.
    and they seemed like they put a lot of effort into improving the game after release, rather than just putting it out and then abandoning it.

    i wish them all the best, hopefully they can land on their feet.

  7. Sad news obviously. I’ll confess to not liking their game but you always feel for the employees in this situation.

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