Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Receives Live Update

Naughty Dog has deployed a number of changes in its latest multiplayer update for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Though not exactly game-changers, some will appreciate the tweaks which seem to be aimed toward higher level players by increasing the number of medals needed to spawn a instant shotgun and a price hike for paid boosters.

  • Changed Mega Bomb kickback from 14 medals to 10 to activate
  • Fleet Foot speed levels adjusted
  • Increasing the cost of all four paid boosters.
  • Ping and Bargain now cost 100K. Untraceable now costs 35K. Explosive Expert now costs 25K.
  • Changed Shotgun kickback cost increased by +2 medals
  • Changed Creepy Crawler kickback cost lowered by -1 medal
  • Fixed the drop of the Patterned Ring at the end of London Underground to work regularly

Players should expect another patch in the coming weeks to accommodate the upcoming map pack we reported on yesterday.

Source: Naughty Dog Blog



  1. so if the creepy crawler kickback is lowered by -1, does that mean it actually costs 1 more medal?!

    • No, it costs 1 less to obtain.

      It’s the highest level kickback but one which is very rarely used, I find.

      • yeah, i have never seen anyone use it, i haven’t got to unlock it yet, is it any good?

  2. Sony sent me three emails yesterday with codes for being part of the beta for uncharted 3. It’s a bit late as I haven’t played it in a while but better late than never I guess.

    I think US players got their bonuses straight away so it only took 6 months or so for everyone else :P

  3. I got my hopes up when I read “treasure drops”, hoping it would be an increase in the rate of them, but obviously not.

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