Mass Effect “Team Assault” Prototype Video

A video has appeared showing Mass Effect Team Assault, which was an idea the developers had for a first person shooter set in the familiar universe.

The aim was to create something similar to Unreal and Battlefield 1943. It’s unknown whether anything will come of this, but for now all we have is this ‘prototype’ footage:


Apparently the project was scrapped after a few months.

Via AGB.



  1. Oh please, please let this come to fruition!
    Looks like it could be something special.

    • Just saw the sentence below the video.
      Damn :(

  2. Huh, it never occurred to me that the Mass Effect vehicles would fit in really well with UT2004. I would’ve definitely given this a go.

  3. I’m glad it got canned as i can see EA forcing Bioware to release a yearly ME FPS and i think we can live without another one. I wish Bioware would do a ME space combat game.

    • LOL yeah, Piloting the normandy would be ace!! I want a minigame in a ship invasion type scenario: Using Tali’s Combat Drone – Go For The Optics Chicktika Go For The Optics

  4. This idea for a multiplayer Mass Effect game did resurface in the end, in what we now know as the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer.

  5. there are way too many fps out there. adding the mass effect name to one just doesnt sit well with me

  6. Looks pretty good actually.

  7. Not sure I’d be interested but I think it’d sell like hot cakes if they did decide to go ahead and make it.

  8. Looks like another bloody Halo.

  9. Well the me universe is brilliant, I for one think now the trilogy is over we need to see more games set in that same universe. Strategy game would work well.

    • Agreed on the strategy games, would make me a really happy chappy. More Mass Effect is dearly needed in my life!

  10. Looks like an blantant replica of Unreal 3 style of vehicles, imo DO… we really need another game like this?

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