Angry Birds Space Reaches 10 Million Downloads

The official Angry Birds Twitter account has announced that the latest title, Angry Birds Space, reached 10 Million downloads in 3 days.

Angry Birds Space was released on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices last week, though a release for Windows Phone is still being worked on.

Alex reviewed the title saying “the presentation is top notch.”

Source: Twitter


  1. It is bloody good fun. Bit infuriating once you get to the second ‘world’ though.

  2. Personally, I don’t see the appeal of angry birds, even with this latest iteration. It is very impressive though how well this single game has done.

    • Have you tried it? Not saying you have or haven’t, its just i couldn’t see the appeal either… until i tried it.

      Whilst i am not hooked like some people can get, it is fun & addictive.

      • I have tried it. Didn’t want me make to buy it. I can see that it’s a good game, but really, this thing has grown out of proportions. They want to be bigger than Disney, open theme parks, make more from selling puppets than the actual games,…

        Soon we’ll be left what nothing else than Facebookvilles and more of these pass time 1 dollar games.

      • I mean, all this stuff is the new huge ICT-bubble. I hope it pops sooner than later.

  3. its fun and passes 3 minutes while the tv ads are on.

  4. I am really enjoying it. More so than the other AB titles. Still miffed though, that they made the Mighty Eagle into a consumable.

  5. Wow.

  6. There was a report on the news over the weekend about how much data AB sends from mobiles. If I remember right one version was sending 70% more data than the next highest game/app.

  7. Only downloaded it becuase it was FREE. Would never pay anything for the game.

  8. amazing really. Once my mate brings my ipad back from the US, I’ll be getting this.

  9. Got it on my phone & tablet. It’s a great game & deserves all its success.

  10. Got it on my xperia play. Cracking fun and free ^_^

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