Angry Birds Space Reaches 10 Million Downloads

The official Angry Birds Twitter account has announced that the latest title, Angry Birds Space, reached 10 Million downloads in 3 days.

Angry Birds Space was released on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices last week, though a release for Windows Phone is still being worked on.


Alex reviewed the title saying “the presentation is top notch.”

Source: Twitter



  1. I’ve got it but I still haven’t seen any of my mates on it, so im quite surprised by these figures

  2. Remarkable. No denying the selling power of those angry little suckers.

  3. But there’s no gravity in space, surely the birds don’t still fly in a parabolic route…….

    • No, that’s the whole point. They fly in a straight line in space but are affected by the gravity of little planets so you have to use the curving affect to your advantage. It’s actually a very clever way to change up the gameplay.

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