“Everybody’s Tennis” Also Removed From The PSN Store

MotorStorm Arctic Edge may have been pulled from the PlayStation Store after it was announced that the Vita Homebrew Loader would utilise it, but that hasn’t stopped folk from trying to find another way in.

The next game? Everybody’s Tennis, according to wololo.net. “Using this vulnerability,” jokes the blog author, “could allow people to run software that would be extremely dangerous for your business, such as 20 year-old 8 bit games and 154 different versions of pong.”


The vulnerability, we assume, would most likely open up the Vita to the PSP-locked homebrew scene, and will not – as wololo.net says – “allow people to play pirated PSP or Vita games.”

The game was today removed from the PSN Store by Sony, and will not show on your download list so you can’t re-download the game.



  1. It’s also been removed from the downloads list of those that bought it with no refund!

    • Yep, just noticed that. The post’s been sat in pending all day. =)

  2. So it’s not for everybody anymore, huh?

  3. they need that app store up then people can get all sorts for Vita homebrew will be pointless.

  4. Still got my copy, fortunately. I quite like it. Will have to make sure I don’t delete it, just back it up.

  5. I really want to get Pokemon on my Vita :/ Homebrew is the best.

  6. Are Sony under any obligation to return these games to the store? Do I need to invest in external storage and always have a copy locally?

    • think you can back them up to PS3 & PC have not tried it yet myself still got 5GB left on my 16GB card.

    • They’ll have themselves covered in the small print, but it won’t stop certain people crying out against it. Much like the removal of custom OS thingy a while back.

  7. That seems quite unfair to the people that bought it, they’ll need to sort this quick or its going to keep happening and more games will be lost, possibly causing loss of sales or returns of vitas. All bad news for Sony really :(

  8. Crap really. First Motorstorm, now this. I remember when Outrun was removed too, luckily I still have that in my download list though.

    • I think OutRun was removed because Sega lost the Ferrari license. I could be wrong though!

  9. this is what hacks end up doing screwing over people who just want to play games.

    • Why on Earth did they announce it again?
      They have to know what the response would have been.

  10. I really hope SONY won’t let VITA get cracked. Not that I don’t like free games, but the current state of games business it would kill the console.

    • What do you mean not that you don’t like free games? D:

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