1GB Battlefield 3 ‘Patch’ Goes Live, With Server Renting

Anyone on the team with any kind of remotely passing interest in Battlefield 3 is either sat out in the sun having a cheeky cider or they’re hiding.  I’m trying to feign interest in all this, but instead ended up feeling a bit miffed that everyone’s calling this thing a patch.  A GIGABYTE patch.


I remember when all this was just fields, etc.

Anyway, whatever, Battlefield 3 (the game were you stab a rat and then a bit later sit in the back of a fast airplane and go oooooh at the clouds) has got a big fat update, which apparently contains “more tweaks, fixes, and additions than you can shake a stick at” and gets your whites whiter than white.

Things that mean almost nothing to me in no particular order: a 5-flag Conquest Assault variant for PS3 on Wake Island, the ability to rent your own server (£1.19 a day or £20 for a month) and a big pile of shortcut items that cost money but remove the need to actually play the game.

I love this generation.



  1. 1GB???? Jeez.

    • Yeah thinking the same, been meaning to get back into BF3.
      1gb is more of an expansion than a “patch”??? :|

    • just downloaded the pc patch, 2.6GBs!

  2. Hmm…

  3. So alongside the tweaks & fixes that were touted a few weeks back, they are also adding… A shop?

  4. 5 flag on Wake, finally ! Well done DICE. Small fix to input lag too which people are saying is helping a little bit, but not fixed it. All this DICE have just “patched” should of been sorted on the final release, its a joke really.

    At least its finally sorted, lets hope it doesn’t cause more bugs/problems with the game. Also, you can quit during the loading screen instead of having to start a new match. Wohoo !

    • Should have asked you to write the post!

      • got carried away sorry. Just glad bf3 is now a little more playable.

    • F*CK ON! Huzzah.

    • no input lag fix for me, I still have to play at 576p for snappy controls.

  5. Rent your own server? Is that a joke? Or serious?

    • Serious. You can then create custom game types, etc. Obviously this idea is used a lot in PC games (a mate and I used to rent a CS server a lot) but this is a first for consoles :)

      • Ah, thanks for the info. Never knew that this took place in PC games.

  6. Wow, is there any sarcasm left in the jar for anyone else at TSA?

    • Hope not.

    • Yeah, it reads like TSA asked a COD fan boy to write it. If you think a GB patch is excessive i had to download a patch for DC universe on PS3 the other night at 4.5GB, suddenly 1GB isn’t so bad.

      • Promise you, I’m NOT a COD fanboy.

      • I can vouch for that, nofi much prefers Haddock…..

        I’ll get my coat

      • It seems there’s no Plaice for fanboyism on TSA…

      • No offense meant there and i hope none was taken, just reads kinda bi*chy lol

      • Nofi has been put between a “Rock” and a hard “plaice”

      • LOL! He’s also playing a little bit “Koi”

      • Fanboyish? doesn’t seem that way.

      • people, chill, all this arguing serves no porpoise. ^_^

      • It’s Nofi being his usual mysterious self. (Read:Sarcastic and strange humour) *flees to avoid getting killed by Nofi*

      • Come on guys you’re just krilling it now!

    • Calm down, try listening to tuna turners shrimply the best.

  7. I really wish DICE would do smaller and more regular patches, instead of one massive one. Patches always take ages to download compared to something from the Store, for example. For me, anyway.

  8. As long as they sort out the shuffling of game types on the servers with this patch I’ll be very happy, whatever possessed them to implement that, I can only think they must’ve been high.
    Server renting is outrageously stupid and I’ll be very surprised if anyone will even give it a 2nd glance.
    As for the shortcut packs, its just stupid, where is the incentive to actually play the game or even practice hard enough to get good and enjoy the game.

    • Prepare to be very surprised then. You’ll find lots of clans renting servers so they can organise proper clan matches, not to mention groups of friends renting a server for a day for 10 odd pence each.

      • Really? I cant see it taking off, stands a better chance on PC, but my instinct for console gamers is that they just wont bother

      • I’d bother just so I can make a TSA tournament on it!

      • Yeah, that was my thought – Depending on numbers, the TSA meets can be quite hard to organise purely because you are trying to get 10+ people into a public server.

        Usually has to be drip feed affair where a couple get in & the rest have to join as & when, but this would solve that.

      • Seems like I’ve underestimated the appetite for private servers then, have to say I am now surprised ;-) I know its a decent thing to have in a game, I just never realised how big the call for its inclusion was…especially to the point where people would pay for the use of them.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, i am a skinflint & i pay for as little as possible, but at least they are trying to come up with solutions.

        It’s just a shame i have to pay! :D

      • rent-a-server has been on the pc since launch and’s included in nearly all pc games now, i believe there’s no officel dice or ea servers on pc. it one of the best features of the pc version imo since you can chose to play only air maps with instant vehicle spawns, no shotguns, explosives or snipers, infinite tickets, alternating between rush or conquest etc etc..

  9. Have just downloaded this and the tweaks are greatly appreciated. Quite annoyed that the game said I have to redownload the Back to Karkand maps though. Another 1.3gb to add to my bandwidth allowance :(

    • Good grief. I’ll be downloading all night by the sound sof things.

    • thats to fix a bug with two of the dlc guns. when playing on the dlc maps the mg36 and the other lmg were held behind your head rendering them useless.

      • Oh right, thanks for clarifying that.

  10. Now, here’s the billion dollar question: does this fix the ridiculous ‘squad splitting’ aspect of it?

    There’s nothing stupider than joining a game in a squad with friends, only to start up and find you’re in different teams.

    • Probably not – I just consider it a challenge now. If you can all get into the game in one squad, you win teh internetz.

    • I can think of lots of things which I would class as ‘stupider’ than that. But, I suppose it’s a subjective matter.

    • if your in a squad of four and you join a 10 v 10 server obviously there have to split you up…

      • Fair enough, but I’m not even thinking about 10 v 10 games. On TDM or Rush, which I mainly play, if a squad is put together it should surely be obvious that they’re together for a reason and want to stay that way. Therefore, selecting the ‘Quick Match’ option should take you to a game that has space. In those instances it shouldn’t even consider letting you join a 10 v 10 game.

      • the quick match will find servers with four spaces rather then four space on one team. the reason dice gave was if it searched for four spaces on the same team your then likely to get put on a 16 player or less server. i just use server browser with squads to avoid this.

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