GOG.com Now Offering Newer Indie Titles

CD Projekt RED has announced that its own games distribution service, Good Old Games or GOG.com, will now be offering newer indie titles.

Branding the change as “Bigger. Fresher. Newer.” CD Projekt RED has made the move to include newer indie titles and has “more than 20 great indie and newer games signed on GOG.com that will be showing up in the next few months.” The newer titles include ‘Legend of Grimrock’, ‘Trine’ and ‘The Whispered World.’


Traditionally Good Old Games has focused on bringing older titles to gamers, but with the aim of including newer titles the name Good Old Game is being dropped, and the service will now simply be known as GOG.com. This move will see it competing more with services like Steam when it comes to indie titles.

The update also sees a change in the website layout, a built in search feature and new options for gamers to organise their game libraries.

Source: GOG.com



  1. Neat, GOG is the best way to get your hands on old classic PC-titles and it’s nice to see they’re growing and improving.

    • Never heard of this before. There are a few old gems i wouldnt mind getting hold of…

  2. Grimrock is looking brilliant, its been a great year for gaming and its gonna get better.

  3. OMG I’ve never seen or heard of this before.
    I have no idea where to begin, there’s just so much candy its like a dream out of Hansel and Gretel

  4. I think I’ve looked at this before, didn’t have any spare money at the time, might have a browse through now

  5. Great idea and it’ll be good way to give slightly overlooked games a new lease of life.

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