“Old Quarter” Joins Next Uncharted 3 DLC

Only a week ago today we reported that the next content drop from Uncharted 3 would include the rather snazzy looking “Graveyard” map. Since then Naughty Dog has updated its Flickr pool with images from another online battleground referred to as the “Old Quarter.”

It’s hard to get a clear picture of how the new map will be structured, the pictures suggesting at least two levels of elevation, inspired by the game’s Yemen stage.


Naughty Dog has yet to confirm if the newest map pack will only contain two maps, when it actually launch, and how much fans can expect to pay.



  1. Man I most make time to replay the awesome uncharted 3 ^_^

  2. Gonna be sweet with some new maps.

    • As long as they work this time. Still haven’t got my money’s worth from the last one.

      • What do you mean the last one didn’t work? It was an error with it, but it was fixed with a patch that would notify you of downloading the Flashback Map Pack 2 again if you had the old version. I did, and they work fine.

      • Re-downloaded and installed about four times (after the fix) and I’m only seeing one of the new maps every hour or so. ND should have allowed players to choose if they want to play DLC maps only IMO.

  3. After wasting my money on a broken Flashback Map Pack #2 and the diabolically bad Shade mode, I’m not giving Naughty Dog any more of my money on this game.

    • Flashback Map pack #2 is fixed and Shade mode is a pretty fun variation on co-op.

      • Yeah, I know. I redownloaded the map pack, but they still don’t come up very often. And Shade mode is just utter rubbish. They said it would be more challenging than normal co-op. Yeah. Right.

  4. They will need to release 4 maps to make the fans happy.

  5. Looks a bit like Museum to me. New maps should have been brought out ages ago. Ive gone off the game now as the maps went stale too quickly and retouched maps were not going to make a difference.

  6. I smell a competitive map which won’t be accessible to co-op players.

  7. These look great, to me :) I hope they support co-op, as that’s what I mostly play, but they look cool regardless.

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