Temple Run Now Available For Android Devices

Imangi Studios has announced that Temple Run is now available for all Android devices running Android 2.1 or above.

Temple Run can be described as an action, endless running game, where players must avoid enemies and obstacles to escape a temple. The iOS version of the game has been downloaded 45 million times since it first released in August 2011.


Temple Run is available to download for free from the Google Play shop, here.

Source: Press Release



  1. Never heard of it but since it’s free I’ll give it a go.

  2. Great game but soon loses steam.

  3. Downloading! i’ve heard it is extremely addictive

  4. There’s two on the market and I can’t seem to see a difference between the two apart from 2MB and a few thousand reviews.

    I’ll get the bigger of the two and see what happens.

    • I think one is called Temple Runner. That isn’t the official one.

      • Nah it’s not that one, if you search for Imangi Studios it brings them both up, both by them, both with exactly the same title.

        I tried both though and it’s the smaller file of the two, something was odd about the larger one.

      • Maybe they have different versions for different regions. EA does that a lot with their titles but usually they have been released by different branches so you can clearly see the difference.

  5. Mine didn’t work :( Played enough on iPad anyway

  6. my IOS Temple Run is unplayable. Updated my first version iPod to the latest update on iTunes now the lag is horrific on the game. Swiping doesn’t work.
    Hope it works better on Android.

    • Probably not, but hey – It’s free! :D

      • Why wouldn’t it? Runs smoothly on my phone and tablet.

      • Still free stuff that is unplayable is a piss take.

  7. Free….I’m in

  8. superb game. played it for 30 minutes last night and its great fun.

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