Namco Bandai Title Will Be PlayStation Exclusive

A couple of days ago we reported that Namco Bandai had thrown up a teaser site for a new title. At the time the page consisted solely of a black, pulsing X on a black background. The site has now updated.

The X is now pulsing green while gold symbols and lettering have appeared. The most prominent are the PlayStation controller symbols. The Japanese writing reads “Action Adventure,” so, we now know the genre and can narrow down the platforms to the PS3, PS Vita and, a very outside bet, the PSP. Maybe it’ll be a title that appears on most/all of those platforms.

Once we actually know the title we shall let you know.

Source: Teaser Site/Andriasang



  1. A massive green X logo on a Sony exclusive, is that some sorta irony from the devs?

  2. To be honest, my first thought when I saw the X in the teaser was that it looks like the X on a Playstation controller… I’m hoping this is a Vita title. :)

  3. Namco X Sony…

    Called it.

  4. Namco Bandai X Tekken. Or summat.

  5. Now that SFxT is out, i am still leaning towards beieving it is to do with TxSF.

    May not be, but that is what i think.

    • But this game is a action adventure game so the chances of TxSF are very low

      • Ah, hadn’t noticed that.

        Still, wouldn’t put it past the Japanese to think of a fighting game as an action adventure title. :)

  6. Interesting. Keeps us posted TSA!

  7. Interesting. A new IP perhaps or possibly re-visiting an old one?
    I’m going to go ahead and guess it’ll be a Monster Hunter game on Vita.

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