Ghost Recon Online Assault Class Video Released

A video showcasing the Assault Class for Ghost Recon online has been released by Ubisoft. This follows the video that explored the classes in a general fashion, which released earlier this year.


The Assault Class will be equipped with either an Assault Rifle, for range, or a Shotgun, for close quarters combat. The class will be equipped with one of two pieces of equipment, either with the TS3B Shield which can be used as a melee weapon or a H.E.A.T system which affects enemy players abilities.

It’s all looking very good and you can apply to join the Beta here.

Source: Youtube




  1. Been playing this for a little while now and I’m very impressed. Recon’s my preferred class though Assault is a go-to for a lot of players.

  2. another shooter I will suck on but like a typical noob I am, I will get it and suck online :B

  3. That shield looks crap, it’s just a riot shield! It should be like iron man armour, carrying around a backpack or something when activated the armour engolfs your body allowing you to run faster that would look cooler and more futuristic than a riot shield that some reason boosts you.

  4. I’m so excited for this game I’m nursing a semi. :)

  5. High hopes….

  6. To be honest, I think this looks a bit ropey. Still, looks aren’t everything and it could be bags of fun.

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