PS4 / Orbis Concept Sketches Appear

After the giant leak/rumour list yesterday about the new PlayStation 4 – currently (and apparently) codenamed Orbis – come these rather intriguing concept sketches that have (naturally) been taken down.  Although not before being captured.

Picked up by Kotaku, they show a PlayStation Eye-like camera, oddly ugly people and a smartphone.  Designed by Coque Design, they were under the banner of “Illustrations & Sketches for new PlayStation Orbis features” before being pulled.

If it’s not the PS4, it’s almost certainly at least PlayStation related now.


  1. Its not a PS4, its a magic card that can rewind time and fixes mistakes that have been made.


  2. Picked up by me first, although I did tip Kotaku hehe :D

  3. That could just be better integration of the PS3 and smartphone. Something it really needs.

    I like the idea of being able to watch the PSEye through an app of some kind and maybe even remote play type features as well.

    • That’s what I’m thinking aswell, some form of remote play for certain PS3 aspects.

      • 3shirts is probably right mes thinks…..orbis sounds pretty cool, almost film like….

  4. What awful pictures!!

    • They’re like someone’s drunk Draw Something efforts.

      • I do better at draw something when drunk. :)

      • Agreed. Looks like something AG2297 would draw.

      • Epic Mike, just epic!

  5. I seriously hope that thing in the second picture is a microphone

  6. “Singstar Soba”, which would be terrible.

    • Still hoping for a Death Metal editon.

    • Who plays Singstar sober?! I don’t even know how.

  7. And with that I say new Singstar with dedicated smart-phone app connectivity (via bluetooth/wifi)

  8. As I said yesterday, it looks more like some App which can link your phone (maybe Xperias) to PS3, maybe turning your music collection into a kind of SingStar experience or something.

    Cannot see a single thing related to a future console… And if on slimmest possible chance it is a future console they better replace the shitty EyeToy

    Cannot believe the bull in that much quoted & linked to Kotaku article yesterday related to Orbis. “Say Orbis quickly it sounds like four” Really, fuck off.

    • “Say Orbis quickly it sounds like four”

      Erm, i agree cc. It doesn’t sound anything like four. At all.

      It’ll be the ‘Or’ that they are mistaking for ‘Four’. That being the case, a statement like ‘Four for tea’ must utterly blow their minds.

      • Don’t invite them to dinner parties either, especially if they are lacking a fork and knife ;-)

  9. singstar can be controlled via a psp, you can cue songs to be played next etc. this just looks like an early concept pic for that (has been available for ages) i dont think this is for anything new……

  10. terrible, just terrible.

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