PS4 / Orbis Concept Sketches Appear

After the giant leak/rumour list yesterday about the new PlayStation 4 – currently (and apparently) codenamed Orbis – come these rather intriguing concept sketches that have (naturally) been taken down.  Although not before being captured.

Picked up by Kotaku, they show a PlayStation Eye-like camera, oddly ugly people and a smartphone.  Designed by Coque Design, they were under the banner of “Illustrations & Sketches for new PlayStation Orbis features” before being pulled.

If it’s not the PS4, it’s almost certainly at least PlayStation related now.


  1. Ew, da fuk

  2. THat womans face in the first one is going to haunt me in my nightmares

    • I just hope that these were made on a pc/mac & not drawn. If they were drawn, someone drew that face twice! :S

    • The one on the left is actually Art Garfunkel

  3. Unless they advertise with beautiful people, my sub-concious isn’t sold.

  4. i’m ugly too! i want one!

  5. Actually, looking at the red lines, maybe it’s a new home laser eye treatment add on.

    • Yeah, maybe – It certainly doesn’t seem to be capturing whats going on very well! The picture on the screen looks nothing like what the ugly people are doing!

      • Maybe it makes all your guests look attractive, you know, like beer.

      • I’ll be all over it if that’s the case. I know some people that could use some ‘prettying up’! XD

  6. Why does everyone assume that’s a smartphone? Surely that’s the Orbis? Or at least, an Orbis Controller.

    • I bloody hope not! That would definitely seal the ‘no sale’ deal for me!

  7. They also can’t spell queue

  8. I’m really not entirely sure what I’m looking at to be honest.

    • Im right there with ye! Have no idea what to assume from those pics, looks absolute b***** imo.

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