Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Trailer

When we previewed the game back on the 16th, Tuffcub – the world’s biggest Transformers fan – loved it. “It is obvious that High Moon is trying to make the game varied and interesting, War For Cybertron was rather samey – enter a room, kill the bad guys, drive to next room, repeat,” he said.

“The developers have taken the criticisms on board and the new game continually changes the gameplay. One level is a straight shoot out, the next will be tactical, then grappling, then melee combat and then sneaking.”


The latest trailer for the game is below.



  1. “Contains content inapropriate for children” – ha :) See, not for kids, unlike those Mingy Turtle things Kris loves.

    • “MAY contain…” – fortunately, it seems talking robots that shoot lasers and turn into cars is totally appropriate :)

  2. Going once, going twice… Sold.

    It actually looks like the original Transformers! Now please, let there be a certain cassette-player, a yellow Lamborghini and a Japanese Policecar.

  3. seriously cannot wait for this. since the announcement, any little titbit of info gets me more excited!

    possibly my most anticipated game of the year!

  4. I believe I am MUCH more a bigger fan than dear Tuffcub here ;) Sooooo stoked for this game it is unreal. Perceptor in the back there I see also! :D aaaaaah love that British microscope :P

  5. i can’t remember, was there going to be an autobot combiner in the game?

  6. I ended up being a bit unimpressed with the first one but this is looking pretty cool. Robot, lasers … what’s not to like?

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