WoH Update Adds Tutorial Mode, New Character

Last night the folks at BioWare Mythic dropped their latest update for upcoming MOBA, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. Available to those currently in the beta (which will soon be accessible by the public) the latest patch ushers in a new tutorial mode.

Far from comprehensive yet concise and succinct, the intro only takes a few minutes to complete, teaching players how to attack enemies and capture objectives. Anyone who beats the tutorial will immediately unlock a new character in the form of Lucian the Blade, rugged captain of the free company.


Lucian is a melee-focused character, all of his abilities suited towards an in-your-face confrontational style of play. A decent health count and high damage rating makes him an essential for offensive players, though support characters won’t take kindly to his tendency towards reckless tactics.

Felicia, who we reported on yesterday, has also been added as part of the new update. Unlike the rest of the heroes on offer, she can only be unlocked by paying in Gems, Wrath of Heroes’ real-world currency. At 155 Gems, anyone looking to add her to their roster will be billed at around the seven quid mark. Ouch!


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