Namco Bandai Title Is Hunter X Hunter

Remember this week when we reported that Namco Bandai was working on an exclusive title for PlayStation. Details have emerged.

The new title is called Hunter X Hunter and will be an action adventure game, based on a Manga title of the same name. The story follows a boy called Gon, who follows in his father’s footsteps to discover rare or unidentified animals, as well as treasure hunting and also some bounty hunting.


Hunter X Hunter will be a PSP title and will release in Winter 2012.

Source: Andriasang



  1. So a cross between Pokemon, Uncharted & Afrika?


  2. Ah WHAT title? Really? At the end of 2012??

  3. Japan only, move along then.

  4. the more they keep supporting the psp he less the vita will pick up, come on stop with the psp already and make it a ps vita exclusive

  5. Hunter Squared?
    It sounds interesting, maybe it’ll get a wider release.
    And @Taylor Made, the PSP should be supported strongly too. Just because the next generation is out, doesn’t mean the old one dies.
    Just look at how long the PS2 has lasted.
    Would prefer if a Vita version was released as well though.

    • the psp is pretty much dead out here europe & western only in Japan.

      So unless the game is only being released in Japan then all good but if its worldwide doubt it will do any good

  6. A HUGE fan of Hunter X Hunter but this would have been much more exciting if it was for the PS3

  7. Good news! I’m going to import it then.

  8. Sounds interesting but PSP? I don’t know, it’s still strong in Japan but surely PS3 or at least Vita would’ve been better.

    • Yeah it could sell more on the PSP but the Vita is a better console, so much more power and memory is available than to be on an UMD.

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