Mythic Doubles WoH Gold Rate

It may carry the free-to-play tag, but games such as Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes still need to turn a profit for their producers. As in many cases, this is usually achieved via the inclusion of micro-transactions, essentially tid bits of DLC that can either be paid for using real money or earned in-game credit. The problem with the latter is that it can often take days of continuous play to claw together a plausible amount.


Such was the case in the Wrath of Heroes beta until last night’s stealth update. At the end of each match players are presented with a slot machine, the number of dials available depending on how well you performed in-game. BioWare Mythic has tweaked the system so that each spins yields twice the amount of gold “on average.”

In-game currency is the life blood of arena-based games such as Wrath of Heroes and is usually spent on characters. Though WoH will offer newcomers enough to buy their first hero, from there it becomes a meritocracy of dedication until you can afford the next addition to your roster.