Free Escape Plan DLC for Vita’s Most Popular Puzzler

Look, it might not be the biggest news we’ve ever reported on but it’s a deathly slow day so we’ll post just about anything that makes us read past the headline.

On April 10th, there will be a patch to update the monochrome mind-bender to 1.01. That patch will contain some free DLC that adds 19 new puzzle rooms to the most popular PSN game on the Vita.


Lil and Laarg will feature in the 19 prequel levels set in a hazardous sausage factory which promises to be as deadly as it sounds. There will also be a raft of new Escape Plan avatars arriving on the store.

These will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers for a limited time.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I gave up on this game due to the back pad or rear whatever its called. The game is pure ass

    • To be fair, the game didn’t respond well to the front or rear touch-screens!! Rather annoying when you’re trying to 3-star a level and you can see the “dot” on screen where you have made a gesture, yet the respective object doesn’t react!! Otherwise I found it good fun.

      • Actually I don’t think the game has any problems with detecting the touch inputs. But what the game doesn’t tell the player at any point is that it uses focus on either Lil or Laarg, which you can switch between using L/R shoulder buttons. I found that out by pure accident :)

      • Well as I say, on many occassions you could see my gesture on-screen perfectly over or on an object, but it did nothing – this was also mentioned in the Official PlayStation magazine review so at least I know I’m not going crazy. However, differences aside, that is a useful point – thanks! :)

  2. Will there be more trophies with the DLC? I hope not, otherwise there goes my 100% :(

  3. Its never bad to get free DLC soo im not complaining. This might get me to go back to the game and actually finish it.

  4. Free DLC is actually pretty great news!

  5. I really enjoy this game and free DLC is great news. Yes the touch controls can be a bit twitchy, but it’s still good fun.

  6. Great, i’m planning on buying the game this week so the free dlc is a nice bonus.

  7. Cool, I think.. I’ve been in two minds about whether or not to get this for awhile. it looks great, but the apparent control issues put me off a bit. :/

  8. Can’t beat a freebie.

  9. Hopefully the patch fixes the “3 range sheep” level as it’s apparently glitched according to once the level is fixed I may go back and try to 3 star every level

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