Sony “Confident” They’ll Get PS4 Out Before The New Xbox

Sony are aiming to get the follow-up to the PS3 (currently dubbed Orbis, even as just a codename) out before Microsoft get their next console out, sources are claiming.

The report, which says that the PS4 has been in design planning stage for about two years (something we were told on the phone last week) says that Sony are confident “it will have the console at market ahead of the next generation Xbox next Christmas.”


“Sony are completely in the belief that they have the jump on Microsoft this time,” the source said. “You should be watching the timing of next year’s E3 keynotes, and who’s going to go first.”

It’s believed that some publishers (Ubisoft are named, for example) and developers know all about the PS4, or whatever it’s called, whilst others are likely to be briefed over the next few months.



  1. Yay… Right?

    • Kind of – Although i have to admit that to me that title reads “Next Sony console will be rushed”, which i can’t see being good news.

      • This is exactly what I’m scared of :3

      • with 3 years development and that a lot of stuff will be ported from the PS3 and bolted onto the PS4 OS, I cant see it being a problem.
        Also if it does support directX then devs will be upto speed already.

      • @forrest… sir you read my mind.
        (give us an affordablevisor, for complete immersion, is a feature i’d love to have.)

  2. I think the delay did hamper the PS3 a lot in the early days. I know people who bought the 360 instead of waiting for PS3 and once they were into it and all their friends were on etc, they were too invested to jump ship, even now they acknowledge the PS3 is probably the better console.
    Even I found it hard to hold my faith in Sony when the 360 was picking up steam. Even worse the early days of PS3 were pretty dry for good games too as the console was hard to developers to work with immediately.

    Hopefully the AMD architecture will make that easier but I do think they need to release very soon after, if not before, the next Xbox.

    • If they have the a line up of games like they did for the Vita launch there shouldn’t be a dry period next time round.

      • also most PSN games should (in theory) work fine in software emulation.
        not that we’d want it too, look at PS1/PS2 games on the PS3.
        sometimes it’s best to leave nostalgia at the door.

  3. Let the competition begin. I love the build up until the release of the consoles. Sadly I’ll have to wait another year but it seems that E3 2013 could potentionally be amazing for us gamers (unless DRM kills the mood…).

  4. “You should be watching the timing of next year’s E3 keynotes, and who’s going to go first.”

    So Sony are up first at E3, and will therefore announce there’s before Microsoft.
    What a stupid line.

    “it will have the console at market ahead of the next generation Xbox next Christmas.”
    Seems more relevant, but I highly doubt it.

    Finally, there’s an awful lot of next-gen rumours flying about. Do you know what day is great for creating rumours with nothing to back them up? Yesterday.

    Co-incidence? I think not.

    • exactly, all these articles today is getting a little ridiculous I think. I know they have to report the rumours, but really come on.

  5. speculation is fun.

  6. Makes sense I spose. Can’t see Sony wanting to launch after MS this time. Nightmare scenario would be for both to launch at the same time though.

    • Why would that be a nightmare scenario?

      Seems to me a level playing field would sort out the men from the boys (when it comes to consoles of course). I know a few people that migrated to the Xbox purely because it was out first, but i am sure that had their releases happened at the same time, they would have chosen Sony without hesitation.

  7. or maybe Sony just want pressure MS to release their console to see what it looks like and what it has to offer

    • Thats a dangerous tactic, look what happened to the PS3 thanks to the Blu-Ray delay, lot’s of people jumped onto the XboX 360 and never came back.

  8. I think it’s essential for Sony to do this to make another top selling console, the number of PS3’s shifted flails in comparison to the PS1 and PS2. A large part of this was definitely due to the time lag between the consoles release dates as well as the hefty price tag the PS3 carried. I think they should try and bring the price down to make it more accessible to consumers and aim to sell more units to get profit, rather than a big profit margin per console.

    • You know each of the original launch models (& maybe some for some time after too) were sold at a loss right?

      • My personal opinion is that the Cell CPU was extremely expensive, as were blue diodes for the blu-ray.
        going out all AMD should reduce costs by a large margin and help sony make some money this time around.

  9. Being first is of course a huge benefit, and lagging too far behind could be disastrous but its not the be all and end all, quality is the most important thing.

    • Quality is of major importance, but if Sony release before Microsoft and Call Of duty/Battlefield are released first on PS4, then all the quality in the world counts for nothing.

  10. Next year’s E3? So this would suggest it’s coming out in 2014 rather than 2013, like the other report?

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