Amazon Instant Video Arrives on US PS3s

If you’re lucky enough to be one of those Americans I hear so much about, and you’ve got a lovely account, you might want to fire up your PlayStation 3.

The Amazon Instant Video app is now available in the “My Channels” option on the TV services section of the XMB. It requires an account with a card assigned to it and a US billing address so obviously I can’t check the streaming quality but, according to my evil twin who definitely has a house in Beverly Hills (90210), the interface is sleek, fast and looks great.


There are lots of free first episodes of TV shows and if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, there’s plenty more for free including some older movies. Otherwise, movie rental seems to cost between $2.99 for SD and $4.99 for HD and it’s a 24 hour rental. Purchases look like they sit at around $6.99 at the cheap end of the scale and $14.99 at the more expensive end.

I’d certainly be interested if it came to the UK.

Source: US PS3 XMB



  1. Doubt we’d get that here as we have LoveFilm already, and LoveFilm is an Amazon company.

    • that’s what worries me – LoveFilm’s streaming is crap but this Amazon app looks great and seems to work really well. It also has HD content (did LoveFilm ever get that, it’s been a while since I dumped them?)
      I was really optimistic for Amazon turning LoveFilm around when they bought them, at least the streaming side of the business, but it hasn’t really come to much yet.

      • I’ve no idea what Amazon UK’s streaming is like as I’m on their basic disc rental package.

        I’m only interested in renting, and would never buy a digital version of a movie. So I don’t see much point in upgrading to LoveFilm Instant, as new releases mostly seem to appear weeks or months later than on disc.

  2. What’s this European continent again?

  3. If this could bring the likes of Sparticus and Walkind Dead to the UK then I’d be very happy!

    • They’re already available in the UK. Spartacus is on Sky1, Walking Dead is on FXUK. Or they’re available on DVD/Blu-ray.

      They won’t appear on any online rental service until after they’ve been available through those routes.

  4. I have it on my PS3, my HD port broke a while back so it’s very poor seeing on an SD TV.
    Looks nice and slick, feels slower than Netflix and I had a look for a few of the more offbeat movies floating around in my head and it didn’t appear to have them. I might have a look back in a few weeks when the service has found its feet.

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