Codemasters To Create 125 Jobs In The UK

We don’t get to post many news item like this, in fact I think it’s the first one I have ever written so a hearty three cheers for Codemasters who are to create 125 new jobs in the UK.

Codemaster’s Warwickshire base will take an influx of 100 new staff and another 25 fresh recruits will be assigned to the Birmingham studio.


“The success of our recent games and our plans for the future means that Codemasters will continue to see growth as we expand our teams here in the Midlands,” said Codemasters talent acquisition manager Simon Miles.

Source: Develop



  1. New development team and game?

    • Sounds likely at the Southam Studio with 100 new guys, I’d be willing to put a bet on Grid 2. And maybe the 25 newbies at Birmingham to help with F1 on the Wii U or even next gen consoles?

  2. F1 2012 helpers?

    • Nah. They have you lot for that and it’s slave labour! :-)

  3. the start of something big for the uk games industry i hope.
    did the tax breaks help with this decision i wonder.

  4. Yay for expansion! :D *resumes waiting for info on Grid 2*

  5. The Dacia Sandero isn’t coming to the UK, but 125 new jobs at Codemasters are!

  6. OMG when are they going to release Grid 2! It’s been like 4 years now.

  7. Great news!

  8. Super news, Interesting to see if Codies come up with anything new now.

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