Starlight: Inception Announced For PS Vita

Texas based Escape Hatch Entertainment have announced a new PS Vita game, Starlight: Inception.

The game focuses on Starlight from My Little Pony as he invades your dreams, delving further in to the subconsciousness of the player. Dream upon dream upon dream, Starlight soon discovers that the plot isn’t all the clever, in fact it’s quite easy to follow and the whole film is little more than an over-hyped B-movie.


No… wait, that’s something else.

Starlight: Inception is a space combat experience with strategic elements. You assume the role of a young space fighter pilot assigned to the star carrier USF Independence, deploying to hot spots throughout the Solar System during World War IV.

The game is described as a  ‘1st person / 3rd person free-roaming space shooter’ with ‘ship based combat both in space and on planets and moons, interplanetary exploration, and multi player dogfighting.’

A teaser trailer for the game has been released but I’m not quite sure if the dodgy 1980’s style special effects are on purpose or not. The game also has its own Kickstarter page.

Source: Escape Hatch



  1. You had me very, very worried after that first paragraph!

    • it was starting to sound like a kinect game. ^_^

    • Fits right in the Vita, how disappointing.

      • The Vita is really cool though – the twin analog joysticks and touch screen will make it a unique experience. And the game is also being released for PC through Steam and non-DRM digital download, if that works better. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we also will be looking at other platforms…

    • I only lost interest when I realised he was joking.

      • If it helps, we’ll have a fighter named a Mustang, which is kind of like a horse-pony thing. And then there are the horse-aliens from level 6…ok, that’s not really true, but we do have a Mustang fighter…:)

      • I love that you understand not everyone will be enthusiastic about the product and have a sense of humour about the whole thing.

        The very fact you’ve come here and written back to commenters means a lot and I’m a firm believer that it’s a great thing to have a close relationship with the community.

        As a result, I’ll be keeping an eye on your game and other work you might come up with.

        The very best of wishes to you and keep up the good work. :)

    • You weren’t the only one! I’m developing the game and I was wondering how to fit a pony into a space fighter. The physics just aren’t there. :)

  2. Fall 2013? Well then I guess they have alot of time to make the game look better.

    • This has to be a pitch video. There was nothing in that trailer that didn’t look terrible.

      • We appreciate feedback and plan on involving the Wing Commander modding community as well as others in the design of this game – it will be a very transparent process as opposed to the creation of most games. We really do care about what you think, and want to use it to make a better game.

    • We do, and we’ll be including the Wing Commander modding community, our Kickstarter supporters and others who care about this game (including you guys) in our discussions, designs and feedback. The first step is to meet our Kickstarter goals, and to start producing some *real* art, not hasty pitch videos. :)

      • Hugely impressed that you guys decided to engage with the community here! I’m totally keeping an eye on you guys now :) Best of luck making your game!

  3. Hm…plain flavours…generic aftertaste. Yum.

    • Also, what makes a space fighter “relevant”? (from the kickstarter page)

      • ALSO, who’s to say they’ve actually got Sony’s approval to publish this game on Vita?

      • The game is relevant both through its post-911 storyline and through its game play. This isn’t totally an old school Wing Commander game – WC played very much like a WWII aerial combat game, but combat isn’t waged that way any more, and I doubt it will be like that 100 years from now. While we won’t have players piloting UAVs, we will integrate the role of a modern multi mission fighter and the intense configuration that is necessary to successfully perform a mission. At least in the hardcore mode…:)

      • We are an approved Sony Developer for PSP and for PS Vita. We have pitched the game to Sony, and they really like it for Vita, but not quite enough to fund it, but that is kind of the nature of the industry right now. That’s why we’ve launched the Kickstarter campaign.

    • This made me chuckle

  4. The first one sounds better.

  5. Ouch! I for one welcome the first space combat game to be announced on the Vita. It’s certainly a genre I’ve missed since TIE fighter/Wing Commander. They have a lot of work to do, but then they also have plenty of time.

    • If you’re looking for old style space combat get Freespace (originally “Conflict Freespace” or “Decent Freespace” depending on the region) and Freespace 2 on the PC. Both are available from “Good old games” at $6 each.

      The games were great when they were new (98 and 99), and they’ve also gone and released the source for the engine. That has enabled it to be updated to take advantage of newer more powerful computers, and the creation of spin-offs using the engine.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard good things about conflict free space, sadly unless it’s ever released for Vita I’ll never get the chance to play it – I only have time to game on the go at the moment!

      • I really sank a lot of hours into those two games.

        I really hope that this game will have some of the same feel. I’ll probably prefer it on PC though as these space sims “feel” better when played with a joystick. (Please support joysticks, with force feedback, and twist.)

    • If you don’t own a pc and craaave for these games then G-Police could be for you! oh and COlony Wars if they’re cheap on Amazon… even a part of Gundam: Earth Federation VS ZEON is in space but you require a PS2. (mechs fighting in space, is awesome)

    • Star Wars Battlefront PSP games are on the store, work on the Vita, and are quite good.

      • I love Star Wars games – I used to work at LucasArts and am friends with the guys who created Rogue Squadron – another really cool space combat game.

      • Interesting, might have to give them a look. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Thank you for the kind words, communterzombie. Developers have souls too, and I your words of encouragement and understand mean a lot. Cheers, Garry

      • Good luck with the development, if you need a beta (or even an Alpha tester) for the Vita just let me know at @commuterzombie.

        I’m really impressed with your engagement with the community, keep up the good work!

  6. Dear god TC – don’t frighten us like that! :O

    The shooter sounds promising though!

    • Hi, i’m Garry Gaber, the developer of the game. Thank you for the kind words – they are much appreciated.

      • Hi Garry, your personal touch means a lot. I wish you every success and look forward to hearing more.

  7. I literally wanted to punch a pony when I read that paragraph.
    I hope the game is as generic as that trailer, because… I like space, and I have a Vita?
    Hmm $15 and you could potentially get the game?

  8. Oh wait… the other was Stardrone… which as not appeared yet. I can’t say much about the game and to be fair it seems very low budget even the developers screen thingy that shows there logo in all looks like something from an classic OPSM demo to be precise; demo 52 0r 42? Hmm.

  9. I’m going to assume that the video is not game footage, and the actual game will indeed look much better than that.
    I’m confused as to why such a sloppy video would be allowed as the first impression of the game, to be honest.

    Anyway, if the game turns out good, I’ll be interested.

    • The video is not representative of the gameplay, since it is all cinematic art. It is also really early in the process (as one poster mentioned), and we have a lot of connecting/building/developing to do still, if the game meets its funding requirements on Kickstarter. The art you’re looking at was razzed up from 480×272, so it is a little fuzzier than it should be. I always hate putting up anything, even concept art, this early on in the process – everyone has an opinion and expectations, and the truth is that we’ve received more “thumbs up” than “thumbs down”s on the cinematics. It was much more important to show that we were serious about this than to tweak the graphics any further. One other thing – we’re going to be inviting the mod community to help and give feedback on this game, as well as listening to everyone, including the haters (luckily they are all confined to this site) to produce the best possible game. :)

      • Good to hear.
        I suppose you have to show something to prove you guys are serious.
        I look forward to seeing how it turns out- might even contribute if I can get my bank balance back up above €10! :P

        I was a big fan of the Star Wars Battlefront games, hope you guys can make something as similarly fun.

        Good luck, hope to see some more news pop up for this in the coming year!

  10. I’d encourage all of you to check out our Kickstarter campaign at http://www.tinyurl/starlightkick, and if you feel the desire to help support us in reaching our funding goals. Cheers, Garry

    • The URL you provided is not working

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