Teachers Blame Videogames Rather Than Parents Once Again

“Children as young as four are acting out scenes from ultra-violent computer games in the playground, teachers warned today.”

“Pupils in reception classes are mimicking scenes of murder and bloodshed after playing 18-rated games including Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty.”


Look. Can we just say this one final time. They should not be playing 18 rated games, the only way a four year old can get hold of Grand Theft Auto IV is if his parents buy him a copy.

“Alison Sherratt of Riddlesden St Mary’s primary in Keighley said “research has shown violent computer games can make teenagers more aggressive but no research has been done on the effect on younger children. She said: “If teens find it difficult to separate fiction from the fact of their virtual personalities, how are my four and five-year-olds supposed to read and cope?”

To the best of our knowledge, no such research exists.

“General secretary of the ATL, Mary Bousted, warned that violent computer games are having a damaging effect on the ‘tender young minds’ of children.”

“Dr Bousted said: “What we are talking about, first of all, is the amount of time children spend locked in their room. The fact that children spend hours playing computer games means they’re not interacting, they’re not playing and not taking exercise.”

AARGGGHHHHH!!! Who’s fault is that? Video games? NO! Parents! To quote Rene from ‘Allo ‘Allo: “Stupid woman!”

“She added that it is very difficult for age restrictions on video games to be enforced.”

No it’s not difficult at all. You know your the age of your child, is he under aged four? Yes? Then he shouldn’t be playing GTA. That’s what the big red ’18’ sign on the front is for.

Source: The Evening Standard



  1. My four year old is pretty good at games and he wouldn’t even be able to play GTA never mind COD. He does keep going into GTA3 on my Android tablet, but all he wants to do is drive the ice-cream van.

  2. Apparently they also found out that alcohol can have a negative affect on a five year old… :/

    Parents are mostly to blame but let’s not forget older siblings, neighbours, cousins, that kid at school with the liberal parents, kindly aunts and uncles and the most dastardly of all – grandparents – who will buy just about anything for their little cherubs! ;)

  3. As I grew up, I did not play GTA’s, the Resi’s or anything that was considered violent and scary. I did tan Final Fantasy to death and I’m glad that I have come to play more violent games as I have become older thanks to my parents saying no its too violent :) how it should be done :)

  4. When I was younger my mum knew everything I played, she let me lay 18s like GTA1 and london, of course they are nothing by todays standards though. But she would constantly be brining up the separation between life and games which I thought was obvious. When ever I played up one of her punishments was to take the game I was currently playing away for a week.

    Parents don’t have to stop they’re kids from playing games but they should involve them selves more, not just treat it as something to shut them up, it’s awful parenting but what can we expect when most those 4 year olds parents are barely old enough to buy the 18 rated games their kids are playing.

  5. I blame Graham.

  6. Playing out scenes from games isn’t very exciting. Playing out ultra-violent 80’s action movies is where the fun’s at!

  7. It seems to me that Anna Davis has had an informal chat with some people at the ATL conference and cobbled together this story in the same style that she would if it were included in a report of some official capacity. I can find nothing in the proceedings for the conference that would even remotely include something like this, and even though Bousted comes across as somewhat stupid in the write-up, no-one with a PhD would (should) get caught inferring a fact without some relevant data to back it up.

    A cheap and easy story from the conference that, as Education Correspondent, she should be covering in a more professional fashion on current matters. This is the Evening Standard though not an education journal.

    I don’t mean that to seem too professionally scathing. Just my opinion.

  8. This is the problem with people these days, they don’t understand the world anymore.

    They don’t understand that gaming has a new target market, mature gamers.

    When gaming was young it was simple, two floating sticks would whack a ball back and fourth, creating Pong.
    Then things got a bit more interesting and instead of sticks your suddenly controlling a circle hunting for ghosts and scores, PacMan.

    Both of these games are harmless in nature and therefore can be played and enjoyed by anyone.
    But that was the early days of gaming, before consoles and home computers became powerful enough to not only create but play more realistic styled games.

    Some people don’t understand that games now have ratings to ensure that they are only bought (or played) by people that should be playing them.
    Its the same deal with movies, mature movies (Eg: horrific, pornographic or just plain unsettling) are made for mature people who can watch them without becoming traumatized.
    Of course they are some people that are just more mature then others (like me) hence why i could watch a fairly mature movie when i was a child and not go into a berserk rage just because Arnold did something similar in the move.
    Its the same with games, ive been playing Grand theft auto for 10 years now (since the original two) and not once have i stolen a car, bashed a stranger or purchased a house, why? because that idea is ridicules.

    Games are not real, no matter how realistic they are built.
    At the end of the day video games are here to entertain and impress not guide and conflict.

    It is becoming more and more irritating that so many clueless people are viewing these cruel events of assault by young people and instantly start pointing the figure at Anime or video games because that’s clearly the reason.
    Its not like people can be born with damaged personalities (or grow up in a damaged household which leads to one)

    In fact they was a story a few days ago about a semi-popular anime reviewer on YouTube who one day decided to murder both of his parents and his brother.
    This is a horrible event that has taken place and of course as usual it leads to accusations as to why he did it.
    The most common response was because he watched a lot of anime and that made him do it (even though im positive most people were joking when they suggested this)
    But that had nothing to do with it, the guy simply had problems.
    Yet most people cant accept that, they think that if a normal person watches Anime enough then it will get into their head and start messing with their sense of reality (which is not true, ive been addicted to anime since i was a baby and to this day i still understand that its just fiction)

    Scapegoats, both of them.
    A few years ago it was music, but when everyone realized that was harmless they quickly needed something else to blame for violent acts and turned to what was hot at the time, VIDEO GAMES AND ANIME!

    Now im not the most stable chair in the dining room but i can tell you very simply that neither music, anime nor video games turned me into the violent brute i am today.
    I am the man i am today because i was born into a rather unfortunate setting of abuse and confusion, leading to a unstable childhood where i feared for my life and questioned my future nearly every day until i grew up and started to relax.
    That is my excuse for being different and more mature as a child.

    The only reason i could deal with these events was by listening to music, watching anime, playing games and creating innocent cities with LEGO (which i assume will become the next scapegoat once Anime and video games become boring)

    Entertainment is comforting, confronting and sometimes confusing but its never a good reason to kill or steal.
    Not everyone gets this.
    Even as a child i knew it was wrong to kill others, to steal from others and to lie to others (though im no saint when it comes to the truth i at least realize that lying is frowned upon)
    Id hate to think so many new parents are ignoring their children and letting them do whatever they want without warning them of the repercussions but thats the vibe im getting.

    Also another thing that irks me about this article is the fact that it blames games for making the kids unhealthy.
    Parents have to teach their children about balancing the two activities of playing games and exercising/playing with others.
    When i was a child i didn’t think i should exercise because i didn’t know what it meant till i was 8 and overweight but by then i didn’t care because i was comfortable just sitting down and going through my videos.

    A computer can be a teacher but it can not be a parent.
    Parents need to take care of their children and teach them about these things before its too late and they lose their say about what is right and what is wrong.

    Well theres my rant and a half, now im off to school (to hopefully meet with some teachers that actually know what their talking about)

    • My god, this is the longest reply ever, I can’t believe I just actually read the whole thing!

      • Me neither! Good reply though dude :)

    • Whooooooa.

      Excellent points, newspapers pray on the uneducated.

    • That reply could’ve been an article in itself. Well said dude, well said.

  9. I’ve been playing GTA since I was 10 in 2001, my friend had just bought it so we would play all the time. Then I got 3 and VC in 2002 for PS2 , obviously I got my dad to buy it :)
    I’ve had GTA’s and COD’s since then and I turned out fine, like a normal adult. I’m a nice person lol. Also back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, all the kids in my neighbourhood played outside, whether it be playing with Pokemon cards or riding bikes. Now I rarely see kids playing out in the summer, they’re all to hooked on PS3 and 360.

  10. I’ve been a long time lurker but now feel I have something to say. This is a very old story that keeps repeating itself, kids playing video games is dangerous. I saw the headlines the other day about a 14yr old who hammered his mother to death by copying Coronation Street, I don’t hear people asking for this popular soap opera to be banned? What if they did a music poll of murderers in the UK, would death metal be top of the list, no probably not, it would be something like Bon Jovi, Madonna or Elton John, yet there are no calls for these artists to be banned.

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