Teachers Blame Videogames Rather Than Parents Once Again

“Children as young as four are acting out scenes from ultra-violent computer games in the playground, teachers warned today.”

“Pupils in reception classes are mimicking scenes of murder and bloodshed after playing 18-rated games including Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty.”


Look. Can we just say this one final time. They should not be playing 18 rated games, the only way a four year old can get hold of Grand Theft Auto IV is if his parents buy him a copy.

“Alison Sherratt of Riddlesden St Mary’s primary in Keighley said “research has shown violent computer games can make teenagers more aggressive but no research has been done on the effect on younger children. She said: “If teens find it difficult to separate fiction from the fact of their virtual personalities, how are my four and five-year-olds supposed to read and cope?”

To the best of our knowledge, no such research exists.

“General secretary of the ATL, Mary Bousted, warned that violent computer games are having a damaging effect on the ‘tender young minds’ of children.”

“Dr Bousted said: “What we are talking about, first of all, is the amount of time children spend locked in their room. The fact that children spend hours playing computer games means they’re not interacting, they’re not playing and not taking exercise.”

AARGGGHHHHH!!! Who’s fault is that? Video games? NO! Parents! To quote Rene from ‘Allo ‘Allo: “Stupid woman!”

“She added that it is very difficult for age restrictions on video games to be enforced.”

No it’s not difficult at all. You know your the age of your child, is he under aged four? Yes? Then he shouldn’t be playing GTA. That’s what the big red ’18’ sign on the front is for.

Source: The Evening Standard



  1. Blaming video games in just a scapegoat for bad parenting. The parents who allow their children to play whatever they like, all the time are just lazy and want nothing more than a quite life.
    I am not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to play games like that, my younger brother use to watch me play GTA all the time and he went on to play it at an younger age with my mum permission. And he turned out great.
    But my mum would only allow him an hour on it and then he had to play outside or do something else, she didn’t want him stuck in his room playing any video game for hours on end.
    In the end its the parents fault, for buying them these game when there is plenty of educational games they could get them instead.

  2. “research has shown violent computer games can make teenagers more aggressive”

    Has it? I was of the impression that this was largely assumed & not proven at all.

    Every ‘study’ i hear about in this sort of thing has either had too small a focus group, returned completely inconclusive results, or had a mixture of the two.

    • or they’ve asked leading questions to skew the result the way they want.

  3. it’s very difficult because it doesn’t work if the parents buy the kids these games, and i’ve seen store refuse to sell adult rated games to kids so the problem isn’t there.

    playing games like GTA at such a young age might very well be damaging to the kids, but they’re fine for well balanced sane adults.
    which is who they’re aimed at.

    if parent let their four year old play around in their car unsupervised and they managed to release the handbrake and there’s an accident, nobody blames the motor industry.
    they blame the irresponsible parent.

    but being a young form of media, relatively speaking and being one where many of the older generations didn’t grow up with they just don’t understand it the way younger generations do.

    i bet people were saying the same things about film at the turn of the last century.

    no doubt in a few decades there’ll be something new that we all find strange and dangerous.

    of course by that time the kids will probably be the biggest danger.

  4. Part of the issue here, is do Videogames lead to violent crime? Sure it might make people rage quit, but introduce children to true bad habits that ultimately lead to crime, no. Children become violent because there are no limits imposed by parents, no imposition of consequence. When my kids were at nursery there were always one or two children that took great pleasure in hitting the other kids with toys or pushing them around…. I truly think these kids weren’t playing Silent Hill or Resident Evil at the age of 2.

    By the same token, you don’t hear of people getting mugged so the mugger can go and buy the next COD, you don’t hear of people committing burglaries so they can get their hands on Collector’s editions of games.

    Now drugs, alcohol, etc. That as a different story. People commit crimes to sell things on to pay for these types of habits, and playing a videogame does not turn you into a drug-addled crack whore who smells of Special Brew.

    • “and playing a videogame does not turn you into a drug-addled crack whore who smells of Special Brew.”

      This is definitely true – I was all of those things waaaay before i started gaming. :)

  5. Additonally, is Alison Sherratt of Riddlesden St Mary’s primary in Keighley really suggesting that a study is undertaken to assess the effect of 18 rated games on 4 year olds?

    Top parenting right there.

  6. Yes its easy to blame the parents, but it’s hard to stop a child seeing any of the violence on games, especially when they visit friends and play games online etc. The only way is to wrap them up in cotton wool and don’t let them out of your sight I guess.

  7. I hate how the game companies are being blamed yet again for the failings of parents. I’m a father of 2 and I don’t buy video games for my son that he is too young for. Nor do I play anything like that while he is around. Would these parents let their kids watch porn or 18+ movies? No of course not but they let them play games they are too young for. Blame the parents not the companies. They have already done the responsible thing by having an age rating on the game. It’s time parents took responsibility as well.

  8. When I was 4 up to 12 I was running around the playground gunning down my friends with a really irritating voice “ER,ER,ER – ER,ER,ER!”. If it wasn’t guns and war, me and my friends were all knights chopping each others heads off with sticks, lads particularly just like to fight and always have done. The point is back then, I didn’t watch anything violent and the best systems I had were a Atari 2600 and a spectrum 48k, the most violent games I had was Tanks and Jet Set Willy! My 4 year old son is at his best when he’s in his “head world” inspired by non-violent video games and I hope he doesn’t grow up too fast.

    However, how much money would the COD and GTA enterprises make if kids didn’t play their games, sure the parents have to buy them, but not always, and the responsibility lies with them, but the industry does rely on the revenue.

  9. We can now add Coronation Street to the list along side games then can’t we lol!

  10. Well if parents cant read a massive red ring on a box., they shouldnt be able to have kids in the first place. Either way pretty much everyone that plays violent videogames at a young age turns out fa normal functioning member of society. Some people…

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