Xbox Live Streaming Rock Awards Show

This is a pretty cool development to the stories about how successful the media streaming applications have become on Xbox Live. The service is, for the first time ever in Europe, going to live stream a major event. The showbiz bash in question is the Revolver Golden Gods Heavy Metal and Rock Awards 2012. That’s a bit of a mouthful so let’s call them the “Golden Gods” from here on in.

[drop2]I’m not as up to date with the heavy metal awards scene as I used to be but I know this is a big deal because they sent a little picture of Slash to help publicise it. That’s Slash, the man who responsible for lead guitar on the greatest rock album of all time (Appetite for Destruction, don’t argue).


The awards are held in Los Angeles, so they’re on at an ungodly hour here in the UK. The pre-awards hype show kicks off at 6PM LA time, which is 2AM in the UK and the awards themselves will get into full swing at 8PM in LA, 4AM in the UK. So we won’t blame you if you don’t fancy getting up for this but as a first step into live-streaming events on Xbox Live, this sounds like the perfect testing ground.

Source: Press Release



  1. cool, good idea for testing it. I want argue with you on the greatest rock album of all time, because its not… ;-)


      • For what its worth, its one of the best rock albums i have owned. Then again, slash is one of the best guitarists i have ever heard, so it kinda makes sense.

        That’s not taking away from other great guitarists of course, just that slash is a bit good isn’t he?

  2. golds only i assume?
    and not just from the title of the event.

    • I assume so, everything except iPlayer is Gold only, isn’t it?

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