Brand New Ghost Recon Game Confirmed For…



Right, so Ubisoft have just announced a new Ghost Recon game, called Commander, that’s a “fast-paced tactical combat game” and is due for release in Spring.

The game’s being developed by Loot Drop, founded by John Romero and Brenda Garno Brathwaite. Apparently the game has “high production values and deep gameplay that hard-core gamers have come to expect from console games.”

Confusingly, perhaps, the press release also says the game will be “approachable and fun for all types of Facebook gamers, including social game players.”

We’re told that by playing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Commander, players will be able to unlock “exclusive items and bonuses” which give a “head start” when playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Ghost Recon Online.

The game will also be available on mobile platforms.




  1. Can’t wait, I play all of my games on Facebook…

  2. I like what Ubisoft did with Project Legacy on Facebook as a tie-in with Brotherhood, but I can’t see this working the same way sadly. I hope it does though as I’m looking forward to this.

  3. Well this seems interesting. The only thing I can hope for is my friends on facebook inviting me to this instead of the usual facebook games.

  4. PlayStation/Vita/ Xperiaplay… never Facebook!

    • I am with Foxhound_Solid. I will NEVER sign up Facebook!
      PS3/Vita (That would be great) and Xperiaplay only!

  5. Dear game developers,

    Not all of us use Facebook, some of us prefer privacy over posting up the weight of our last bowel movement so a bunch of strangers can comment on it. Please stop putting item unlocks in shitty Facebook games, it’s far more likely to put me off a purchase than encourage it.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mr S Panda.

  6. Still does not beat the confirmation of Far Cry 3 Map Editor ;)

  7. Browser based gaming, particularly F2P will be the huge growth area.

    Facebook isn’t a great fit for some games though, other than the huge audience it offers, this potentially sounds one of them, so if it pleases the Fb audience it’s unlikely to please people who consider themselves gamers.

    I play lots of browser games, more & more all the time – they probably take up more of my time than console gaming unless I’ve just bought a new game.

    Been playing loads of games in Chrome from G+/Chrome WebStore, where its Native Client makes anything possible, even for those who consider themselves gamers.

    Many people who consider themselves gamers need to update their knowledge of what’s possible, going to be possible.

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