GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Now Available Via PSN

I really enjoyed GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. Despite a few rough edges,  it plays well and manages to capture the spirit of Bond quite well (although there’s no “press X to flirt” QTE). It also features Move sharp shooter support.

Now EU PS3 owners can download the game via PSN. As per normal, it’s the price that may put people off – £39.99. Still, the option is there.

Source: Press Release


  1. Ouch, I certainly don’t have enough moneypennies at that price! Shame really, I’ve been looking to grab this at the right price.

    • Not the best game to grace the PS3, but you should try it. After all you only live twice.

      • I’m waiting for a price drop. Until then I’ll live and let die in Battlefield 3.

    • I’ll get out the goldfinger and play it some time, but not at that price.

      • I’ll use my license to kill you in the online multiplayer.

    • If I were to download this at the weekend, I could start playing after the Thunderball lottery draw. I hear the kill-cams have been improved and give a nice View To a Kill. These shooters sometimes scare The living Daylights out of me. :p

      • ‘These shooters sometimes scare The living Daylights out of me’

        OctoPUSSY :)

      • Touche ;)

      • if the skyfalls, then we’ll learn that the world is not enough

      • You’d have to work for her majesty’s secret service to afford this, or have a goldfinger

      • If we play together, I’ll be the man with the golden gun.

    • Out of the price range for me too. Although, I would like a go at the fierce multiplayer aspect but I guess I’l have to die another day.

      • certainly not tomorrow, because tomorrow never dies

  2. Or get it for £15 @ ASDA and collect it with your shopping lol—PlayStation-3/003795966,default,pd.html

    • Thanks for the heads-up man, just ordered it from Asda :-)

    • they ought to give you commission Mike, i just bought it too :P

    • Thanks for posting that Mike, I just picked a copy up from my local, haha, really cant believe they put games as old as this on PSN at full retail price, even though there is no packaging costs, and its complete profit as there is no way of trading a copy! Had this been 15-20 quid on the store I would have bought it, and alot of people like me would have but with an iPhone and internet access our generation never make a purchase without havin a quick spy on Google first!

      Until the old nob heads in charge of these big corporations such as Sony and Microsoft catch on they will never make the profit they hope for!!

      • Wait a mo – The £15 is an instore price as well?

        I haven’t ever ordered from ASDA online, so it seemed quite pointless to create a profile etc, but if i can just pop in on the way home, that is veerry tempting.

    • Glad to be of service guys :-) I’ll hunt down the best deals for you ;)

  3. What a terrible price. Should expect that though.

  4. At least it’s not as bad as EA…£57.99 for Mass effect 3? £50 for Fifa Street? I’ll take 2!

  5. Picked that up £17 from GAME. Haven’t even open the disc =/
    Hopefully soon though ^^

  6. £39.99 for a game that Acti cba to even advertise and i could buy it for £10, BEST DEAL EVER! *Sarcasm*

    £20 would be a reasonable price and wouldn’t undercut the retailers as most sell it for £15 or less.

  7. I got the game for my bday in february, played it and loved it. The GF had ordered it for the right price of £18 from Play, though – the PSN price is all wrong as always.
    I bet that if they had reduced the price by 50%, they would’ve sold three times as many downloads. Isn’t that a fair assumption?

  8. ?
    Crazy monies, surely an error!
    Havent played the game yet so cant comment, but my other experiences of HD remakes have left me wishing i had just fondly remembered the games and move on, instead of wasting more cash on outdated control schemes and barely improved graphics.

  9. I dread the day when you can ‘only’ buy games off PSN or Xbox LIVE etc etc :-/ i.e games will cost more & the only way you can play them is by paying those stupid high prices. Oh well if that happens next-gen then its ‘GAME OVER’ for me :-/ GAME(the shop) died because of stupid high prices & next-gen will die if its all downloadable games only(ok GAME is back but if their high prices stay the same they won’t last long i bet)

    The FUTURE = ‘GAME OVER…insert 50 pound note to continue’ LoL:D

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