Aliens: Colonial Marines Single Player Footage

We were discussing this yesterday – Peter’s far more accepting of the direction Gearbox are taking here but I’m of the opinion that the heavy scripting and almost complete linearity spoils what could have been a really nice, intelligent shooter.

I’m not Call of Duty’s biggest fan but I appreciate that it does the job well. Aliens, though?


Hard to say. There’s no acid damage, barely any feedback from the (massive) weapons and it all just looks a tiny bit – well – dull.

Let me know which side of the fence you’re standing on.



  1. Thought the environments look atmospheric, shooting looks dull and no acid damage is just lazy!

  2. Could be on an easy difficulty or something, so no acid damage? If there’s none at all present in the game that’s a bit of a cop out though. I like it being scripted though, I don’t think a completely open Aliens shooter would work.

    • But cut-scenes constantly and the camera whipping away? I don’t like that at all.

      • It’s going to detract from the atmosphere a little bit, I will agree with you there.

  3. Oh… yeah ok it’s a pass from me

  4. Lots of problems with this. Reticle for when you shoot the xeno’s isnt needed. They dont sound right for a start. It does look dull, the dark corridors and flashing lights could be used better.
    Dampened my excitement for this.

    • Yeah, that’s my point. I’m now considerably less interested in this than I was.

      • Same here too.
        Hope that this was just an “Easy mode” or something :(

  5. I think the designers all need to take a week off from working, play some Dead Space (1 & 2) and Doom 3 then try again.

    This game should be literally dripping with atmosphere.

  6. Looks alright to me. Yeah it might be COD crossed with Dead Space but let’s be honest, there isn’t a lot of depth you can add to an existing franchise with 4 films behind it.
    As long as it doesn’t suck horribly in the gameplay or have any ridiculously hard boss battles I think it looks like an atmospheric shooty space romp. And that works for me.

  7. great porno voice think it roghly translated to
    “hi i am the tv repair man..i believe you have a problem with your top box”

  8. After reading the comments and seeing the video. I don’t care DAY ONE PURCHASE! =D
    As for the ‘Acid Damage’ I am sure the difficulty does look like on Easy. I think it’s time for me to dust off Aliens vs Predator!

    • Why wouldn’t they show acid damage though?

  9. Unfortunately it looks just as tedious as the marine section in AvP, despite being entirely different.

    I had extremely high hopes for this but it just doesn’t look fun at all, in fact it looks remarkably like Duke Nukem Forever in it’s lack of engagement and clunky first-person events.

    I’ll save final judgement for release though obviously, it’s only a video after all.

    • I should clarify that I mean the new AvP, not the awesome 99 original.

      • Funnily enough, Gearbox made both… hope it doesn’t turn into another Duke Nukem.

  10. Since they didn’t really show anything in that video but cutscenes and shooting, all with a voice over, I don’t think we can really judge too much about the atmosphere and level of scripting. This stuff’s been cherry picked.

    As for weapons and damage. There are huge amounts that can change in 6 months. Shame it couldn’t have come out and blown our socks off, though. Now we’re all a bit “um. Wait until there’s reviews.” about it.

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