More Totally Unsupported PS4 “Orbis” Rumours

This is a tricky one to report. On the one hand, it’s a story about technical specifications in a console that is still publicly ignored by its manufacturer – so totally unsubstantiated speculation. On the other hand, there’s thousands of people who want to read this sort of rumouring and it’s fun to speculate and have a bit of discussion.

All we can do is clearly mark that this is not anything to put your faith in. It’s speculation, and as fun as that may be, totally without grounding until one of these “unnamed sources” is willing to put their name to it. So, approach with a healthy sense of cynicism.

IGN has published a report stating that the next PlayStation will utilise chips from AMD and Radeon. The chips in question are AMD’s A8-3850 APU and the Radeon HD 7670 GPU which gives a separate graphics chip as well as one integrated into the main processor. This is said to enable a little bit of a power boost over the next Xbox, which is rumoured to use the same graphics chip (the HD 6670, which is identical to the rebranded HD 7670).

These graphics chips are decidedly mid-range in today’s PC graphics market so by the predicted end of 2013 release dates, they’ll be well behind currently available PC hardware. That said, the fact that consoles won’t be hampered with so much background activity, as is often the case on PC, will likely mean that these chips can concentrate all their power on the task at hand.

So, there you go. Maybe next week we’ll find our own “source” who will tell us that the PlayStation 4 is powered by unicorn tears and leprechaun sweat.

Source: IGN



  1. i only buy potato battery powered consoles anyway

    • They tend to have the best graphics… chips

  2. Consoles always have decidedly average components compared to what is available to the PC market, but they are dedicated devices so use the capacity in a more focussed way.
    The PS3 only has 512Mb of RAM. You’d barely run Windows XP on a PC with that little and you certainly wouldn’t do much gaming, yet it’s plenty for the console even 5 years after its launch

    • Agreed. The bonnet is welded shut so devs know precisely what to cater for. Also, take out the geekery of it all and realise that the consumer world isn’t completely wrapped up in graphics along with Sony hopefully bringing out a console that most of us can afford (read: not the PS3 launch price).

  3. So Sony is pulling off a Nintendo by going the stale off-the-shelf route?

    Seriously, even our current Cell is more powerful than this AMD CPU.

  4. Just out of curiosity, because most of this GPU talk goes over my head, what current chips would it take for the majority of people here to say hands down they would buy it without hesitation?

    • (I’m not sony rep I promise haha)

  5. Orbis…code names…ace!

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