New Borderlands 2 Screens

Gearbox have delivered an Easter gift of ten lovely new screenshots for Borderlands.

Like the gaming equivalent of a chocolate egg they… they… er… no, they’re nothing like a chocolate egg. I don’t know why I even thought I could make that work.


It really is hard work trying to find new and exciting ways to say “Hey, look, screenshots!” I thought I could make some sort of Easter analogy but apparently not.

So, hey, look, screenshots from Borderlands 2.

Source: Press Release



  1. cant wait for this game, I think its one of the best co op game of this gen

    • This.
      These screenshots smell like win.

  2. Oh well, eggcellent effort nonetheless tuff

    • You sir, should get your coat!

  3. The colour, it burns!!

  4. This looks like the game that the original was meant to be. Awesome.

  5. Lovely. Definitely better then most shooters that go for the drab colour palette that we normally see.

    • There are definitely some beautiful screens in there, using a brilliant colour palette. It will be interesting to play to see how well you connect with the game-world when drawn in his art-style.

  6. The colours look more in depth and deeper, hope this translates to the game on release. Thought the first was a bit washed out. Still loved it though.

  7. Utterly loved the first one & this one looks to expand upon what was already a winning formula (to me). Good stuff.

    Also, ‘Gunzerking’. Sweet.

  8. But are these really screenshots, or do they belong in the “concept art”-genre?

    • Look very similar to the first game, but just with more vibrant colours, so i would probably bet they were screenies.

  9. are those screenshots?
    there seems to be an awful lot going on in some of those.

    and does that jeep thing have a catapult on the roof?
    that looks like fun. ^_^

  10. Really cool art style with these games…

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