Joe Danger Heading To iPhone

Over the weekend we were informed by Hello Games that they were working on a portable version of Joe Danger – for iOS specifically.  Sadly, the notification was prefaced by a “don’t tell anyone” line and, as you’ll remember, it was also April Fool’s.


Today though, we can happily reveal that this is indeed the truth.  And it’s – we think – playable at PAX today.  “It’s a hobby project of mine that’s starting to look pretty cool,” Sean Murray told TheSixthAxis, “so we just want to see some people play, and get their feedback.”

Sean says it’s “it’s looking real nice though.”

“You swipe the screen to make Joe wheelie, you nudge him in the air to affect his gravity, you can flick a barrier out of the way, or wrestle with the shark in the shark tank,” said Sean, explaining the controls.  “You have such control that levels that would be impossible on console are much easier on the touchscreen.”

There’s also some new DLC out for the Xbox 360 version of the game, dubbed Special Edition, which features four new characters, which you can see in the video above.  “By far my favorite is the circus bear on a little minimoto,” said Sean.



  1. Yupp they have left us ps3 gamers out yet again.

  2. I’m a big fan of Joe Danger, an iOS version sounds like such a cool idea! I’m hoping the shark-wrestling idea makes it into the game…

  3. Joe Danger on touch screen?
    I don’t think it’d be accurate enough, maybe it’ll prove me wrong though.
    Surely a Vita version is on the way? You could use the PS3 AND iOS controls…

  4. Yeah, it’s not going to work imo as JD requires accuracy and touchscreens are generally not best for this types of games. Imo.

    Hang on, why don’t us PS3 gamers get the DLC as well? As i’ve heard that the original JD was only on PS3 and thus was supported by the community. Seems like a middle finger to those who supported it.

    • Why? I don’t get this at all. The original JD was on PS3. You got to play it. The special edition came out on 360. A year later.

      • yeah but most people feel that way and i was echoing their opinion. Personally, i don’t care about the DLC but it seem that they cba with the PS3 audience. Oh well.

      • This sort of attitude is ridiculous.

        “But we supported them when they released on PS3!” is the argument of an intellectual pygmy. It implies that buying that game on PSN was an act of benevolence, which is, in roughly 100% of cases, absolute bullshit.

        You didn’t “support” anyone, you bought a game that you wanted to play. You’re not entitled to anything more than that. Hello Games /are/ entitled to release their created content wherever they see the best opportunity for revenue – the fact that this isn’t on the PSN isn’t their fault.

        I completely understand people being pissed off that they’re not going to get some awesome new content for a great game that they enjoyed, especially when they see others who are getting that content. That’s human nature, it’s envy. But you’re not entitled to it, it’s optional, after-market content that was never promised or implied in the original sale of any of their previous games. You got what you paid for. Now there’s something else to pay for, if you want to and have the ability to use it.

        I don’t get why people begrudge the Hello Games guys their right to make a decent living from their creative work.

      • would the 360 have even got the game without PS3 users support I get why fans get mad about it.

      • Who knows if Hello Games would have sold their future catalogue on the 360 (or any other platform)? My point is: PS3 owners who bought Joe Danger did not “support” Hello Games, and thinking that is a real problem among people who buy games these days. It’s a selfish sense of entitlement.

        They bought a game that they wanted to play. The got to play it. End of story.

        Now a slightly different game is available on the 360 for owners of that console to buy. Or not.

      • they got the same game made better why not give it as DLC for PS3 users that is the problem not that 360 got the game.

      • Because in order to release on the 360 after first trying their luck on the PSN, they had to make a unique game – that’s Microsoft’s rules if a game has already appeared on another platform. So in order to get onto the XBLA, and unlock that huge potential market, they needed unique content.

        Aside from that, perhaps they’ve worked out that releasing DLC on the PSN wouldn’t be worthwhile in terms of return on their investments. Why should they spend their time and money creating more content for a platform if they don’t think they’ll be able to turn a profit from it?

      • Jesus Christ, guys. You sound like a bunch of old ladies. It’s only Joe wasn’t THAT good to start with.

      • “Jesus Christ, guys. You sound like a bunch of old ladies. It’s only Joe wasn’t THAT good to start with.”

        lol. And then some.

      • disagree with you on this CB.

      • Happens loads the other way around & with much bigger titles like Bioshock, GTA Lost & The Damned and Ballard Of Gay Tony Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect, Braid, Limbo & obviously others too.

        Don’t see Xbox 360 owners getting pissy about us lot getting the chance to buy them a year or so after they’ve already been playing it that long.

        I’d love it if we got an updated Joe Danger or a sequel but if other platforms suit the devs better then they suit them better, not a lot I can do about it.

      • Yup, nobody here complained when Bioshock had extra content on PS3, or Mass Effect 2 came with more in the box than the 360 version.
        Or even when Portal 2 came with a Steam version free.

        But the 360 got 4 new skins for a far smaller game?!!

      • colmshan1990 but that content is still available to 360 users, the reason they never got steam version is because of MS.
        we will never get to try the polished version of Joe Danger.

      • And they don’t get the Survivor mode, Challenge maps, or New Game+ for Bioshock.
        And that was a AAA game which was exclusive to 360, not a small indie studio.
        I’m sure that there’s plenty of other examples, the games above were just three on my shelf.

  5. looks good, i`ll be picking this one up once they inevitably bring it to Android, i can see the control method being far more involving and frenetic than on a DS3.

    They`ll release the extras as DLC soon enough dont you worry, Money > Exclusives.

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