The Pinball Arcade Coming to PS Vita and PS3

Since the Vita launched, my favourite thing in the whole world has been games which you buy once and can use on Vita and PS3. That’s my favourite thing in the whole world. I love it. It’s better than puppies chasing laser pointers on a fluffy carpet – my previous favourite thing.


Anyway, Sony has seen fit to show off another of these cross-play beauties, realeasing on April 10th. The Pinball Arcade is going to let you play smooth, 60fps pinball using your Vita’s front and rear touch surfaces or your PS3’s lovely old DualShock 3 controller if you would rather see it on a boring old TV screen.

It starts off with four tables for $9.99, although DLC is assured with two tables initially available for around $4.99. FarSight are well respected virtual pinball developers with a good pedigree so you can be sure that they’ll get the physics and feel of pinball nailed down for this.

Also, if you’re a trophy hunter, it’ll have two silvers and a bronze for each table – and you will be able to earn them twice – once on the Vita and once on the PS3.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. More crossplay is good.
    Although I have to say that I won’t be getting this game unless it’s dirt cheap in a sale or something.
    I never seem to play Pinball games.

  2. Using the gaming conversion scale from dollar to pund this is likely to be £9.99 then.

    • ^ if there was a like button for ur comment i would click it!

    • Sounds like an accurate estimate… >:l

    • A bit too much for me, maybe if/when it’s a bit cheaper.

  3. More love from me for the “pay once, get both” games. Luuuuurve it.

  4. They have my interest, a fancy pinball-game could be good fun on the PSV.

    • But with Zen Pinball 2 on its way with cross platform (ps3-vita) functionality, and as a free update for current Zen Pinball owners, they’ve lost me.

  5. this will be great on Vita count me in.

  6. Really want someone to release a Devil Crash (known as Dragon’s Fury here in the west) style pinball game

    /The/ best pinball experience around, music alone is phenomenal

  7. Had a few Pinball games with Plus. Not very good at them and the trophies are ridiculous on them. Will have to wait and see whats new about this one.

  8. Another vote for more cross-play games! If the price is right I’ll give this a go.

  9. I love the whole cross-play and two for one strategy but i’m not sure this one’s for me. I think MSRC has set the expected price point for these fun little experiments and possibly at that price i would bite.

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