Meet the Reader: DaywalkerLiam

On the topic of large warnings, did you not see the large warnings about this site, when you were first stumbling across it? Did they add to the sense of danger and intrigue? Is that how you got hooked?

Actually I was looking for a list of the PSN weekly releases while on holiday, and TSA was the first result. After using it to get a list of DLC I could ignore ever week, I decided to read a few articles. Got involved, and yeah. That’s history for ya’.

So roughly how long have you been trapped here for?

I started with the PSN list in late August of 2009, and finally signed up in January 2010 after realising the people who comment aren’t douche canoes, like I’d witnessed on various other sites I had visited a few times.

So not as long as most, but a reasonable amount of time. Sadly I’ve been neglecting the forums a since since Twitter. I live on that network.

The bane of the forum! It’s just how very instant it all is.

I just love it. So quick and easy, a great source of current info and the people are great. Banter too.

It’s always fun seeing some drunken attempts at tweeting from you. When you were regularly on the forums, though, whom did you tend to talk to? How many of those have held over to twitter? Any long lost souls who you miss?

Yeah, I start the night thinking I won’t tweet, as it’s silly, but throughout the night I realise it’d be a great idea to share everything with everyone with the grammar of an brainless child.

I spoke quite a bit to Person678, who I very regularly talk to on Steam, and who I may or may not have met. At all. Ever. AG2297 was another one for sure, and Yogdog. Had some great games of Black Ops Zombies with Yog, and also Person too! I also played L4D2 with Bunimomike, AG, you, Yog, Hanny, and Person among others on Steam, which was great.

I do miss playing online.

Oh yeah! I remember you and the creepy whispering.

I had to be quiet, so I whispered.

That was strangely erotic.

Oh, you tease. It tickled Mike, so it was more effective that I first thought.

How come you’re not online so much anymore? I mean, I know we don’t play L4D2 anymore, but there are other games.

Trying to pass my A-levels and failing. Mainly at Physics. So I put my PS3 under my bed where it’s been since August. I don’t really find time to play games with others on Steam as I’m usually at the chippy, or doing schoolwork.

I guess that’s a good enough excuse!

Been ripping it up on Minecraft though. That game is awesome.

I’ve never really seen the appeal.

I want to become an architect so it appeals to me no end. Not to mention I play on a great server run by Hellfire, which I play on regularly with Gazzagb and Spotter.

Oh, that’s cool. Are you on track for architecture, or is it still a bit touch and go?

Yeah, just sorting what unis I want to choose, and then I’m just hoping I can get the grades! If not, it’s another fun year of school.

Well fingers crossed, from all the readers too, I imagine. Having the PS3 locked away should be helping somewhat.

Thanks, It really does mean a lot, just got to put the work in, and hopefully by this time next year I’ll be in uni, drinking myself to death! Not literally to death, as I want a long and fulfilling career.

That would be kind of counter-productive.

Yeah, I don’t think the uni fees cover death.

On the plus side, though, you won’t have to pay any of the loan back.


I’m not sure that really is much of a plus side. Which unis have you been looking at, out of interest?

And “Ware” are they? TROLLOLOL!

You beast! Can’t believe you got me so close to the end!

Demontfort in Leicester and Portsmouth.

bbHahaha. Wait, isn’t Gazzagb at Portsmouth?

He is indeed.

They’ll make a film about your bromance one day.

Haha, I wouldn’t cheat on Person678 like that. He’d go mental.

The love triangle just spices things up even more!

I can start my own partly fictional reality TV show!

Made on Portsmouth Shore?

Penis Pumping in Portsmouth. Bit too much?

Not for Channel 5. OK, are you ready for some quick-fire questions? (That was the first quick-fire question)


What is your favourite building?


What is the most exotic or further flung place you’ve been to?


How many types of fish does your chip shop sell?


Do you have more than four pairs of shoes?

12 pairs, but shhhhh!

Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother, Shark Attack, with the 4 podcast hosts Peter, Lewis, Kris and Kev?

Snog Peter, even though he has foiled my previous attempts, Civil Partnership with Kev since he almost made me die from lack of breath after the TSAEGX video thing, Shark Attack Lewis as he likes sharks, and Smother Kris because he has never seen any film ever, which is just beyond comprehension.

Following the rule of quick-fire questions, this has now revealed your truest feelings on the matter, which makes that answer extra honest!

Damn straight.

I’m not sure you can really claim that after the last third of this interview…

Haha, I’m comfortable with all this as I do it for the fun, a lot like Tuffcub. He’s not actually gay, but just a very flamboyant straight male. He said so. I can prove it. I don’t have a beard and am not exactly a ‘Bear’ either.

Liam. We’ve come to the end.

That’s what she said?

Did she?

It’s been lovely interviewing you, Tef.

Thanks for having me on the… wait a second…

I wish you all the best in you application to work in the textile industry.

No, that’s the wrong way round! You almost had me there.

Oh my mistake, you’re becoming a citrus fruit tester.

Indeed I have. It’s been fun interviewing YOU, Liam. Do you have any final words for the readers that bafflingly made it this far?

I have a single question.

For the readers?


Go for it.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? [WHAT?! – Ed]

And with that indecipherable query, it’s time to leave the madness that is Liam. See you all next week!


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  1. Good read that. Though i don’t have a clue what that last bit was about. Maybe its too early for me.

  2. Really funny at the end. No idea what that question is about. All the best with getting the grades too :) Not long until summer exams :/

  3. This dude is an absolute legend!

  4. I love lamp Liam. One of my favourite TSA members.

    The chats between you and Person678 on Twitter really used to make me laugh too. Shame you’re not around as much these days but your studies are important so I can see why!

  5. What have you done to my creation, Liam!? *cries in the corner* You’ve soiled it! :p

    MGS3 is one of my favorite games of all time and it was the game that got me into the MGS series. I actually managed to understand it despite not playing any MG games before it. :O

    Warewhere, i don’t get it. O-o I’m surprised that Tef didn’t make a twilight joke about your username being Daywalker. ;)

    *goes to get the sponge and takes MTR in the shower to scrub it clean* :p

    • Yeah well it’s the prequel of prequels, you don’t really have to play any MGS game before that as the story starts in 3. :)

  6. Ah, I’ll not forget you trying to whisper to us whilst simultaneously playing Left 4 Dead and also lying next to your sleeping parents.

    • They were in the other room!! I’m not _that_ creepy that I sleep in the same bed!

  7. Welcome Liam! I have suffered the same fate of Ware and the endless joke that everyone thinks is funny… argh!

  8. Cheater.

  9. awesome read=D
    no idea what the last question was about but this was an awesome MTR!
    and nice to meet u Liam =D

  10. I’m called Liam. I love metal gear solid it’s my favourite. Blade is the only good vampire film, it’s ace, Wes was also awesome in white men can’t jump. You are a different time version of me as I am 32 ha. Weird. Good read though….

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